Top 10 Best Controller for Rocket League

At present, Rocket League is one of the top-rated and most played game in the world. This fancy game was firstly launched in 2015. From then to now, up to 40 million people have played this game.

It’s available on Windows, PS4, MAC, Xbox One, etc. So, all kinds of people can easily play this game without worrying about their devices.

Moreover, playing this enjoyable and exciting game needs some technique as well. It doesn’t depend on the player’s capability only. To control your player subtly, you need to use the best controller for rocket league.

Proper controlling becomes very important to win a rocket league soccer match when you challenge your friend to win against you. In these situations, only an excellent controller can ensure the control of every single move properly.

Review of the 10-best controller for rocket league

To play your favorite rocket league soccer, you need a controller that can control your players very smoothly like you are playing on your own. Many brands are making excellent products to provide a more delightful gaming experience to gamers.

AS there are both regular and low-quality products available in the market, getting a significant and delight controller is challenging. Mostly, there are a lot of fake and low-quality technical gadgets available in the market.

These fake and low-quality products can make you annoyed while playing your favorite game and cause a loss of your money and effort.

Therefore, we do research, and here we have made a list of the 10-BEST CONTROLLER FOR ROCKET LEAGUE available in the market. Now we will review them with their detailed information that you can easily find the best one for you. So, let’s start.

1. Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360

As Rocket League was launched in Microsoft and play station first, Microsoft knows the best way to treat its players. Microsoft Xbox 360 offers a comfortable playing experience to its users. This small Xbox is easy to grip and also sleek yet. Both wired and wireless types are available for this Xbox.

Moreover, Xbox 360 ensures you a long time playing experience as it is comfortable indeed. Besides, Vibration feedback also gives another feather on its wing. Its Vibration feedback offers a riveting gaming experience to its users for a long time.

Furthermore, there are two pressure points used in the Xbox360. It also has an 8-way directional pad to give you more control in-game. Again, powerful USB adaptors are also available with the wired Xbox 360.

The wireless Xbox 360 uses 2.4 GZ high-performance wireless technology. It allows you to control your game from a maximum of 30 ft distance away. Besides, its wireless vibration feedback technology also offers a better feel for gaming.

However, this controller is also awarded for ensuring a comfortable gaming experience. With this Xbox, you can easily control your player and your game with total comfort and the best feel.

If you want to have the best gaming experience with the best control, Microsoft Xbox 360 can be a perfect choice.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Super comfortable with the utmost real feel
  • Available in both wired and wireless types
  • Vibration feedback technology
  • 2 pressure points and an 8-way directional pad
  • Compact and ergonomic shape
  • It doesn’t come with a wireless receiver

2. Steam controller

Steam controller

If you want to have a new experience of playing a popular videogame, a steam controller can indeed be your first choice.

You can undoubtedly use this controller to play almost every game. Its HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, and fully customizable control schemes make this controller more effective.

Moreover, this controller features back grip buttons and double trackpads to ensure the best control over the game. Those duel trackpads provide 1:1 total position input via virtual control.

So, you can control it like a trackball or a joystick, or even as a steering wheel. Besides, the dual triggers and back buttons also make your work easy to do a lot of controlling in a small area. However, you can also use them both in analog and digital ways at the same time.

Furthermore, designers positioned all these buttons according to the frequency of use, control, and comfort. It’s totally in grip and can make total ergonomic comfort of playing.

This built-in wireless technology allows you to play from any position and place. Overall, to get a proper rocket league playing experience, this controller is a perfect option indeed.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Best suited for almost every game
  • Completely configurable
  • Features dual triggers, double trackpads, and back buttons
  • Total comfortable grip
  • HD haptic
  • Face buttons are relatively small

3. Xbox one wireless controller. (Without 3.5-millimeter headset jack)

Xbox one wireless controller

Microsoft, the manufacturer of Xbox one wireless controller, said that it is a controller where cutting edge design meets cutting edge technology. It’s an award-winning 360 wireless controller that provides better and smoothest control over the game.

Its advanced design of directional pad is not only appropriate for rocket league, but you can also use it to play many other games comfortably.

Moreover, this Xbox one is very comfortable to handle. It comes with a blue ray feature. This controller’s dimension is 7x7x3 inches, and it weighs about 1.02 pounds, which is reasonable with the size.

Again, 2- AA batteries are needed to use this, and they are also included with the package.

Furthermore, this Xbox one game controller comes with a natural stack radio frequency to offer a better wireless experience. Its trigger buttons are designed with customized rumble feedback to give you a realistic experience.

Overall, its new wifi technology also offers faster data transferring opportunities yet. As this Xbox comes with about 40- new innovations, so, definitely, it can be the BEST CONTROLLER FOR ROCKET LEAGUE.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Advanced Wireless system with faster data transformation
  • Customized Rumble feedback with the best realistic experience
  • Cutting edge design
  • Blu-ray quality
  • Better and smoothest controlling over the gam
  • A little bit costly

4. Xbox Elite wireless controller

Xbox Elite wireless controller

Xbox elite is called one of the most advanced controllers of this time. It offers a pro-level of precision, advanced trigger lock capability, and so more. Again, the app is customizable. You can add or remove any feature of your Xbox any time you want.

Xbox elite is designed to deliver superior performance. The triggers, D-pads are fantastic to play a challenging game. Besides, its diamond gripping offers you total comfort of grip while playing.

You will also have a carrying case, 4- paddles, 6- thumbsticks, 2 D-pads, and a USB cable with the package. Besides, 2 AA batteries are required to use it, and those batteries are also included with the package.

Afterward, you can have haptic feedback by impulse trigger and rumble motors to get more real feelings. Its four slots of interchangeable paddles also help to achieve excellent control of the game.

Also, you can attach these paddles easily without any tools. Overall, its advanced trigger lock system allows you to move faster and saves your controlling time.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable gripping
  • Advance trigger lock
  • Interchangeable Paddles to offer better control
  • Tons of customizing options
  • Perfect with size and weight
  • Some may find it clunky

5. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One controller.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox

For playing rocket league, a delight controller must ensure rapid movement within a short time.

If you are looking for a controller that may allow you to play for a long time with remarkable comfort, then  Razer Wolverinecan be your ultimate controller for sure.

Razer wolverine Xbox controller has d-pads, triggers, and sticks at the exact right position to make your move easier.

Besides, there is a one-directional pad, one gamepad, six programmable rear buttons, and analog sticks to control rocket league players.

Its ergonomic rubber grip also ensures non-slip and comfortable playing. Again, you need to have a lithium-ion battery to use this controller as well.

Moreover, its perfect edge reduces your travel distance of the left and right triggers. Here you will have a hair-trigger mode with trigger stops. Besides, it has four multi-function buttons to provide ultimate control over your fingertips.

Furthermore, this controller comes with chroma lighting, which makes your controller more attractive than others. So, you have a vast opportunity to select your favorite lighting color with this controller.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Rubber grip ensures a comfortable grip
  • Colored lighting offers a better look
  • Perfect edge design
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Super responsive
  • Does not come with wireless support

6. PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch – Zelda

PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

Power A Wired Controller offers an excellent opportunity to breathe the wild in games. It features an ergonomic design that ensures the best comfort over the competition.

Its standard and advanced play button design also help you to improve better control in playing the game. However, it offers the Hylian shield icon, link in action, colored ABXY buttons as well.

Besides, the metallic directional pad makes this controller more unique. Its perfect motion sense ensures the rapid movement of your player. Based on your choice, you can also select different colors in this controller.

Furthermore, the USB cable of this controller is also very high quality. You will have 10ft (3 meters) of USB cables with a velcro strap. All you need to use this is plug and play.

Moreover, this controller is very much cost-friendly. You can find it at half price than a wireless one. But it can perform very well. Besides, you don’t need to use batteries to use this controller.

So, if you find a delight wired controller with all exciting features and performances, this one can be the right choice. Overall, Power A is trustworthy as they back their product for 2- years.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Metallic Directional Pad
  • Truly stylish and cost-friendly
  • No batteries required
  • Superb ergonomic feel
  • Long and powerful USB cable included
  • No Rumble

7. Razer Wolverine ultimate. Tournament Edition Xbox One controller. (6 remappable Buttons)

Razer Wolverine ultimate

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One controller comes with interchangeable thumbstick, interchangeable D-pads, and other advanced gaming buttons.

Also, you can make a quick change between a tilting or individual D-pad button layouts.

This controller offers extra buttons for enabling advanced gaming performance. There are 2- remappable multi-function bumpers and also 4- multi-function triggers as well.

Moreover, you will also have a quick control panel to get better control.

Besides, this controller comes with a wide selection of lighting effects. So you can customize your controller on your own choice.

Besides, its comfortable grip ensures comfortable playing for a long time. It also included a lithium polymer battery, which is also required for this controller.

Overall, if you search for a stylish, good looking, and powerful controller, this one can be a good option for you.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Feature 6- Programmable Buttons
  • A quick control panel
  • Charming and delight lighting
  • Ergonomic rubber grip for non-slip performance
  • Quick responsive and stylish
  • No ability to remap normal controls

8. Elite Series 2 controller

Elite Series 2 controller

The Elite series is called the best controller for Xbox. This controller is from Microsoft. Thus, no one can understand this product without using it. So, it’s one of the best in our list of BEST ROCKET LEAGUE CONTROLLER.

This advanced and expert wireless system ensures the fastest data transferring ability ever in Xbox. Moreover, this device can be charged wireless.

Its new interchangeable controllers can make you smile while playing. You will have the opportunity to have the best realistic feel on this controller.

Furthermore, this controller comes with limitless customization ability. This controller is made for performance.

It features over 30 new ways of playing. You can improve your game move with adjustable thumbsticks and shorter hair trigger locks.

Moreover, if you are bored with your controller’s system, you can change it anytime. You will have a ton of customizing options with this controller. To customize, you just need the Xbox accessories app.

Besides, 1- the lithium-ion battery is also required to run this, and the battery is included with the package. Overall, this rechargeable battery ensures over 40 hours of playing at once.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Unlimited customizing options
  • Interchangeable sticks offer better control
  • Shorter hair-trigger lock to fix every move
  • Wireless charging
  • Comfortable grip
  • Relatively expensive than others

9. Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019 Gaming Controller

Razer Raiju Ultimate 2019 Gaming Controller

This ultimate wireless controller comes with interchangeable thumbsticks. It also has a quick control panel to move your player swiftly. The directional pad also has a superior controlling ability to direct your player properly.

In your rocket league match, proper comfortable buttons are essential. In Razer Raiju, you can find genuinely comfortable mecha-tactile buttons.

Besides, soft cushioned touches have tactile feedback that gives you a real feel of gaming.

There are mobile applications for configuring this controller. You can tune your controller using the app.

There are multi-function buttons and hair-trigger mode for having a competitive advantage. Also, you will have a refunding advantage if needed.

Moreover, this controller has exciting and usable features to give you a superior rocket league playing experience. To run this controller, 1 A batteries are needed, and they are included with the package as well.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Interchangeable thumbsticks
  • Tactile feedback and hair-trigger mode
  • Configuring opportunity
  • Beautiful Chroma lighting
  • Comfortable in the grip:
  • Irritating latency

10. Dualshock 4 wireless controller

Dualshock 4 wireless controller

Dualshock 4 wireless controller is from the famous brand SONY. It offers full control over the game with great fun.

One smart feature of this controller is that you can share your best gaming moments with just a fingertip. To share the lovely and most exciting moments, you just need to tap a button.

Moreover, this controller also uses Lightbars to make it look more beautiful. Besides, you will find all buttons and a touchpad in this controller.

Its comfortable design helps you to play for a long time without annoying you. It helps to control your player more rightly.

However, its Analog sticks and trigger buttons also improve your accuracy. There is a built-in speaker so that you can connect with your online gaming friends with a controller.

Again, you can charge it while playing. Just add your wireless controller with the device or via any USB cable.

It’s not only a controller; it is more than a controller that attaches you to the game correctly. Overall, this controller is incredible to feel the speed, movement, shape, sensitivity of the game.

Controller Pros & Cons

  • Touchpad for control
  • Anytime share option
  • Beautiful light bars
  • Built-in microphone
  • Realistic feeling
  • Some may find it uncomfortable in the grip

Best Controller for Rocket League-Buyer guide

Buying Guide

There are a lot of controllers available in the market. But as with other electric devices, some of them are very normal.

They can make a loss of your money. So, finding THE BEST CONTROLLER FOR ROCKET LEAGUEis quite challenging in this market.

To find the best product, you need to have some basic knowledge about the controller. You need to find some qualities in a controller to ensure that it’s perfect.

Here is a buying guide for finding a delight controller for ROCKET LEAGUE. If you find these qualities in a controller, you can consider that as a good one.

Connectivity: At first, you need to make sure what type of controller you are finding. It depends on the type of device you are using to play your game.

Plug and play devices are the best. Besides, you can also use wireless controllers to have a hassle-free connecting experience.

Wired or wireless: It’s totally up to you that which type you needed. You need to decide which one you want. If you choose a wired one, it will be a cost-friendly option for you.

But you can face difficulties to play from anywhere you want. So if you want a wired controller, make sure how much extra wire you need to play in comfort.

If you need a wireless one, it can be costly than a wired one. But you can control it from anywhere you want. Wireless controllers need batteries to run it. But most wired controllers don’t need a battery to run.

Range: In a wired controller, you can have a 2 or 3 meters USB cable range. But on a wireless controller, you can have a 9 to 10 meters range. If you need a big range, it’s better to get a wired one.

Numbers of buttons: For having better control of the game, buttons are essential. Interchangeable buttons triggers, D-pads are necessary to get better control. So, try to get delight buttons on your controller.

Vibration: Vibration is a new feature of the controller. It makes a more realistic feel to play. So, if you want to get a good gaming experience, try to make sure that your controller can make it.

Comfort: The most important thing is comfort. You have to get a comfortable grip on your controller to play for a long time.

You need to keep a controller in your hands for hours. So, perfect ergonomic comfort is needed badly. If your controller isn’t ideal for your hand, it can be annoying for you.

Weight: A lightweight controller can perform better than a heavy one. But experts recommend using medium weight controllers to have the best experience. It can be more comfortable.

Size: Size is a fact to comfort. It depends on you. If you love to play with a significant controller, take a big one. Or if you need a small one, take a small one. But having a medium size can make you feel comfortable.

Design: A beautiful design makes a game enjoyable. Some controllers are lovely. You can find led light, chroma lights on a controller to make it more attractive.

Best Controller for Rocket League-FAQ


Is brand important to choose a game controller?

Answer: Actually, quality and features are more important to choose a perfect game controller. Because good quality and advanced features usually make a controller perfect. Therefore, in most cases, popular brands can assure these qualities.

So it is better to find a qualified controller from a well-established brand. Besides, you can find suitable quality controllers from regular brands as well.

So, the choice of the brand depends on your budget constraint. But it is always better to find qualities rather than brand.

Wired or wireless, which one is the best?

Answer: It’s totally up to your choice. If you want to play via wireless, a delight wireless one is the best. But wireless controllers can make trouble also.

Even wired controllers can cause a problem as well. So focus on other qualities, then make sure that which type will better for you. That’s the best option to pick one.

Are wireless controllers so worthy?

Answer: Not at all. Wireless controllers are quite expensive than a regular wired one. But in most cases, wireless controllers provide more features than wired ones.

So, this is considerable. You need to spend some money to have the best one. Also, you can find many wireless controllers within your budget as well.

Why controllers are important?

Answer: Yes. You can control your game with your mouse pad or keyboard. But you need to spend a lot of time playing with them.

They are slow also. So having a controller is the best way to play. You can have all those essential buttons and control at the same place.

So, it’s beneficial to play and control your player effortlessly within a short time. So, if you have the BEST CONTROLLER for ROCKET LEAGUE on hand, you will have the ability to play like a pro.

How to get real gaming feel?

Answer: Now a day’s most games use superior realistic graphics. Their sound quality also makes you feel real, indeed. So, you should have a natural feel on your controller as well.

Usually, haptic feedback, vibration can ensure a realistic feel on the controller. So, try to find a controller with these features to have a real gaming feel.

TIPS for beginners in Rocket League

Final Words

Rocket League is one of the most popular games now. It’s enough exciting and enjoyable. Its excellent graphics, sound quality, and control have made this great game fun for almost every kind of game lover.

Besides, proper control is also significant to play this game. It is better to have a delightful, comfortable, and well-featured controller for playing your favorite rocket league player.

Therefore, it is necessary to get some basics information about the controller to find the best one for you.

Here, we have reviewed 10- BEST CONTROLLER FOR ROCKET LEAGUE along with their details, including pros and cons.

For-giving you a closer look, we have tried our best to discuss every controller properly. We hope this article will help you to have an excellent controller for playing your favorite Rocket league.


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