Top 10 Best Shoes for Jumping Rope Review And Buying Guide

Trying to improve your jumping rope practicing session? At first, look after your shoe. Yes, the perfect shoe can bring changes in your performance and make you more skillful.

Lately, we have noticed a common question what are the best shoes for jumping rope?

We have already made long research and finally selected 10 products considering their price, quality, and customers’ ratings. Here I will show them with proper features and described them. So, let’s take a look –

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10. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Let’s start with a famous brand PUMA and the very first sneaker is for women. This 100% synthetic leather sneaker is highly durable and one of the best cross trainer sneakers.

The sneakers ensure maximum comfort as it is equipped with breathable EcoOrtholite shock liner. You will also get a good fit.

The shoe looks a bit wide but after wearing it, you will feel appropriate. Mainly, the midfoot saddle makes it comfortable and fit.

The TPU shank feature increases stability. The heel of the shoe is made with EVA that absorbs impact. You will also get good protection on the upper side. Finally, the soft foam insert ensures ultimate comfort while training.


  • Closure type: Lace-up
  • Included breathable EcoOrtholite shock liner.
  • Soft foaming intern
  • Highly stable as TPU shank feature is included.
  • Midfoot saddle ensures fit.
  • For women

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight sneakers.
  • Attractive design.
  • May feel a bit wider in look.

Final Thought

The sneakers are soft and cushioned for optimum comfort for ladies.

9. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Here is a completely different type of shoe manufactured by Vibram. To provide the proper ground feel and maximum articulation, this shoe is appropriate.

Weighing just 139 grams the shoes are appropriate for running in speed.

The fast lacing technology of the shoe saves your time and helps in quick on and off. The upper material of the shoe is high-quality polyester. It provides firm protection as well as reinforcement.

The insole is made of 2 mm EVA + Drylex shock liner technology. The outsole is made of 3mm durable rubber. The XS trek compound ensures durability and balance of traction.

So, for optimum stability and comfort, these shoes come at the first stage.


  • Different design for increasing speed and ground feel.
  • Ensures supreme comfort.
  • Polyester upper sole, rubber outsole, and EVA insole.
  • Weight: 99 gram (W38), 139 gram (M43)
  • Cold or air dry and the machine was safe.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Ground feel design.
  • Easy lacing system.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Some people are not comfortable with this design.

Final Thought

The unique design of the shoe ensures more stability and speed. Training can be more effective and easier with this shoe.

8. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike is a famous brand and now sneakers from Nike appropriate for hard ground. For getting comfortable training these sneakers are best as the midsole of the sneakers is made of foam phylon.

The full-length cushioned and encapsulated air-sole adds extra comfort.

The shoe is lightweight. The mesh tongue of the shoe increase breathability. So, it won’t face unexpected sweating wearing the sneakers.

The sole is made of man-made synthetic. So, no questions should come about durability. The outsole is crafted with durable rubber.

So, then you need it provides proper traction. So, don’t miss these stylish sneakers.


  • Solid rubber outside.
  • Core material: Synthetic.
  • Proper traction on various surfaces.
  • Ensure airflow with mesh shoe tongue.
  • Perfect for training on a hard surface.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight sneakers.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • Affordable price.
  • Follow the care instructions for the best performance.

Final Thought

The air-solen and mesh tongue increases breathability that makes it more comfortable.

7. NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes & Styles

Get introduced to a new brand named NOBULL with an innovative fresh design. This shoe will offer you all the features you will need in a workout or training shoe.

This product is made of breathable and extremely durable material which is called Super Fabric. It has seamless one-piece upper construction that makes this item long-lasting.

The Super Fabric has an extremely flexible mesh base layer which creates 360° shield from any kind of excuses. In the lateral and sidewalls, this shoe has high carbon constructed guards which ensures the shoe’s durability.


  • The item is made of super breathable and durable materials called Super Fabric.
  • You can use this product for workout to jumping ropes to even climbing mountains.
  • The shoe is made in such a system that you will able to use it in the multi-environment situation.
  • This shoe has a unique bottom pattern and rubber construction which helps to grip on any surface without risking your life.
  • High carbon constructed guards lateral and medial sidewalls ensure the longevity of your shoe.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Variation of colors.
  • Extremely durable lower part of the shoe.
  • Brand new company.

Final Thought

Though it’s a brand new company, the product is amazing. You can climb, jump, run, slide or lift with this single pair of shoes.

6. Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

Now you will get to know the most versatile kind of shoe in the market from the Vibram. The shoe has such a shape which will indicate a human foot instead of a regular rounded size shoe shape.

The reason behind this exceptional shape is to give the vibe of barefoot jumping or working out. This shape will give your feet more flexibility and strength. This is the first five fingers shoe designed for barefoot runners.

If you worry about the different shapes and being comfortable, then we will ensure that it is one of the most comfortable shoes in ton market. The thin soles and firm lacing helps you to jump very easily.


  • The shoe is suggested for boosting the strength of your feet and toes.
  • This pair of shoes gives you barefoot vibes.
  • It has Vibram 3d Cocoon technology in the outsole that allows rock-stopping protection.
  • In this shoe has an antimicrobial sock liner that gives extreme comfort.
  • You can easily jump around or run on uneven surfaces with these shoes.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Very lightweight.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • A bit expensive.

Final Thought

Though the shoe is a bit pricey, if you pick this item it will be a good purchase. The rubber soles protect your toes or fingers from stones.

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5. New Balance Men’s MX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe

In our list, you can say this shoe is the most comfortable one. New Balance MX608v4 is a kind of shoe which has all kind of features you want in a jumping shoe.

The shoe has upper breathable leather construction, a rubber sole, and lace-up sidewalls.

What is most important is, this shoe is approved by Medicare. The appearance of this shoe may be a bit bulky or heavy looking, but trust me the shoe is very lightweight. It has great flexibility and cushiony comfort inside the shoe.

As this shoe is approved by Medicare, so no worry about your shoes and that’s why we kept this shoe in our top picks. It has a non-marking rubber outsole which provides 100% durability and maximum traction.


  • The shoe is Medicare-approved.
  • This shoe has IMEVA midsole with ABZORBZ technology behind it to make your each jump comfortable.
  • It has breathable upper section construction.
  • New Balance MX608v4 has an 8mm heel to toe drop.
  • You can remove the EVA foam from footbed if necessary.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Ensures maximum traction.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Not so stylish design.

Final Thought

Check your foot size before ordering shoes online. The shoe is available in different widths. It will be durable even in regular usage.

4. Xero Men’s Running Shoes

The name of this brand is quite attractive and the product is so. The Xero brand makes these shoes with a very basic design yet full of comfortable and useful features.

The shoes are incredibly comfortable as it has a room at the front for toes. When you will wear this, you can spread your toes comfortably. The non-elevated sole design helps to feel ground.

For jumping ropes, you need strength, flexibility, agility, and balance yourself. With these shoes, you won’t feel stuck in your legs. You can almost feel barefoot for these natural fit soles.


  • The shoes are very comfortable to wear.
  • It gives perfect traction and protection as needed.
  • This shoe has a top-of-line sole which you can sag natural fit and it helps you to feel your bare feet.
  • It has extra room in front to keep your toes spreading.
  • It helps to improve your expedition and flexibility.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight enough.
  • Barefoot vibes.
  • Not so many versatile colors.

Final Thought

In previous time there was a complaint about this shoe for improper size. However, in 2019, they made all the shoes in true and complete size.

3. PUMA Men’s Trainer Shoe

Who doesn’t know the almighty brand PUMA? It is a global successful athletic brand for fashion, lifestyle, and sports. This item in our list looks aesthetic and attractive.

The shoe is made of 100% synthetic leather which is undoubtedly durable and comfortable. You can say this shoe is quite breathable, more like comfortably breathable.

The midsole is made of soft foam. For extra support, it has TPU shank at the middle of the insole. This shoe grips your feet with arch support and makes necessary tractions.


  • The shoe is made of 100% synthetic leather.
  • It has TPU shank at the across of midsole for extra support.
  • Super breathable shoe and it doesn’t feel suffocated.
  • Gives maximum traction.
  • The shoe looks very attractive.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable cushiony.
  • TPU shank support.
  • It can be a little stiff.

Final Thought

For being a bit stiff this shoe is not ideal for jumping ropes. Sometimes you may feel a bit hot at your feet if you wear socks underneath.

2. Nike Free Men’s Trainers Sneakers Shoes

Another world-renowned brand Nike. They are very well known for their innovative design, style, and authenticity. Nike Free Tr-8 Running Sneakers is an outstanding pick for jumping ropes.

This shoe is lighter than ordinary working out shoes. The shoe is made of breathable and flexible material. It has a dual fusion midsole for comfortable work out.

This pair of sneakers have 3D printing on the fabric which looks more eye-catching and aesthetic. For multi-surface traction, it has a flexible outsole with rubber pods.


  • The shoe is made of flexible and breathable materials.
  • This product offers the perfect kind of traction.
  • It has a dual fusion midsole with soft foam for extra comfy and support.
  • Round toe shape in these shoes keep your toe relaxed.
  • 3D printing on the shoe is attractive.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Ideal for jumping rope.
  • Not for bad weather.

Final Thought

Check the price at the link below if you are interested in this useful and impressive pair of sneakers.

1. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Cross Trainer

Here comes a pair of sneakers for women. This shoe plays a very important role in jumping, running, or climbing. Most of the customers gave positive reviews about these shoes.

This pair of shoes have Flex weave technology to provide stability and flexibility. It will give you supreme support and strength to keep your balance right.

The manufacturers made this product keeping in mind the comfortableness of trainers. This pair is highly durable for intense workouts.


  • This shoe has Flex weave technology which ensures durability and stability.
  • Suitable pair for all kinds of intense workout even weightlifting.
  • It has rubber soles.
  • The extra cushioning in forefoot keeps you comfortable.
  • This product can be used on regular basis.

Jumping Shoes Pros & Cons

  • Looks good.
  • Comfortable and flexible.
  • A bit expensive.

Final Thought

Though this shoe is a bit expensive, it is impressively durable. Once you buy this, you don’t have to worry for a long time.

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Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

Buying guide

Now it’s time for the buying guide. Here I will discuss the core parts of a shoe and let you understand which one is appropriate for you.

The best shoes can be made of different materials and can vary from features to features. So, keep reading to figure out all types.


The first thing to choose is the material of the shoe. I suggest synthetic for long-lasting performance. It also protects from water and perfect for training in bad weather.

The mesh on the top is more helpful for the proper ventilation system.

If you are choosing a shoe for light exercise, then a knitted or mesh layer will be better though it won’t be durable.

Sole Material

The next thing to consider is the sole material. The most used sole material is rubber. People choose rubber but they don’t consider the type of rubber.

If you want more softness and bounce then gum rubber is the perfect material. In the case of dealing with abrasion, crepe rubber is better.

EVA is the best option for practice on even surface. They use the best shock absorption technology. But playing in an uneven place, the synthetic sole will be better I think.

Flexible Sole

For training jumping rope you need a shoe with a flexible sole. Make sure the sole lets you stretch your foot wider without giving any caged up feeling.

Also, look for the flexible toe top end. It helps you to get a proper range of motion. Ultimately, you must get one that helps you to jump smoothly.

Proper Cushioning

Another important fact for comfortability is the soft cushioned intern and shock absorption features. It will reduce fatigue and allow you to practice more.

Sometimes, people feel disgusted wearing shoes for a long time. If the shoe is comfortable then you will never get bored wearing it.


A shoe without proper breathability is an annoying one to everyone. make sure there is a proper air-flowing system. Otherwise, it will create sweat and make you uncomfortable.

Sometimes, it is the reason for skin irritation and other problem. So, must consider this fact for choosing one.


FAQ on the Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

What are the best shoes for jumping rope?

The best shoes are comfortable and soft cushioned. They are highly durable with a proper breathing system. A good shoe won’t be ultra-expansive.

I have already discussed 10 quality shoes for jumping rope. Check out the product details for more clear vision about the best product.

How can I stop squeaking?

There are different ways of stopping squeaking. If it is a minor problem, then the baby powder will help you. Put some under the sole of the shoe. Another way to stop it is by using liquid silicone. And the easiest way is to sundry the shoe.

If the squeaking is a major problem, then it may not fix just by applying the following methods. In such cases, take the shoes to a cobbler.

Is it better to jump rope without shoes?

No, shoes are helpful for jumping rope. Some people think the bare boot is better but you won’t get proper ankle support.

Wearing a shoe offer more stability and balance. Try to get a perfect shoe for jumping rope for the best performance.

Why do I need a shoe for jumping rope?

There are different reasons for it. Here I am showing some of the major reasons.

  • For protecting your feet.
  • It provides more balance and stability.
  • Shoes support your ankle and let you practice for a long period.
  • For avoiding unexpected injuries.
  • Making you confident.


Jumping ropes is a very good exercise for health. Yet, if you don’t wear shoes or wear low-quality shoes while jumping ropes it may hurt your feet badly.

To avoid these kinds of situations, you must need the best shoes for jumping rope.

We will be glad if you can able to choose a suitable one for you from our described list. Happy workout session!

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