Top 10 Best Tower Shoe Racks – Durable High-quality and Stylish

Among different types of shoe racks, the tower shoe rack is completely unique. It is one of the most space-saving items. Tower shoe racks come with different types of design.

Choosing a tower shoe rack is not so easy. You have to understand the design is appropriate for you, height is proper, the product is durable, and some other issues.

I have researched some products to find out the best tower shoe racks.

Finally, I have made a list of 10 best tower shoe racks. Now I will share my list with proper discussion. Hopefully, you will read the whole article to find out the best tower shoe shelf.

10. Kealive Wooden Tower Shoe Rack

Kealive Wooden Tower Shoe Rack

In our list, the last but not least product is from Kealive Store. This is a 7-tire shoe rack. It is a white single shoe organizer made of wood. This offers you plenty of space to keep your shoes organized.

It has two different sizes according to the customer necessary. The high-quality wood of this shoe rack makes it sturdy and durable.

The shoe tower is very compactly designed that it fits in closets or any small room corner.

The dimension of this shoe tower is 11″ length x 10.5″ width x 43.5″ height. To keep this long shoe tower balanced, it includes two extra screws for attaching the rack with the wall. It will prevent the rack from falling.

Pros & Cons

  • The assembling system is super easy.
  • Includes an assemble manual with pictures step by step.
  • Useful for keeping your books, flower pots, or DVD too.
  • Very lightweight to move.
  • Has all safety necessary for a shoe rack.
  • It cannot hold shoes more than 10 pairs.
  • You need to take cake this rack for getting a long lasting service.

Final Thought

The stylish design of this shoe tower can be fit for any room. You can keep this on your front door for a tidy look.

9. Whitmor 10-Tire Shoe Tower

Whitmor 10-Tire Shoe Tower

This one is a rolling shoe rack from Whitmore Store. With a large quantity, the shoe rack can hold at least 50 pairs of shoes. It has chrome finishing.

It has 10 shelves total and the most important feature is the shelves are non-slip. The wheels at the bottom are smooth and have locking systems. It is metal constructed and very sturdy as well as durable.

The size of the shoe tower is 14.62″ length x 36.5″ width x 59.5″ depth. Also, it saves space in your room and organizes the shoes well from the mess. You can keep heels, slippers, boots, or sneakers on it.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to move with smooth wheels.
  • Saves space in the room.
  • Tidy up all the clutter from the room.
  • Enough sturdy to be a long-lasting product.
  • Be careful while setting up all the screws.

Final Thought

This chrome finished metal shoe tower is very convenient to use. It is very easy to set up the whole shoe rack. The storage capacity is huge.

8. SONGMICS 10-Tire Shoe Tower

SONGMICS 10-Tire Shoe Tower

Another quality product from SONGMICS Store. It is a shoe rack with 10 shelves and you can store 27 pairs of shoes at least in it. This shoe rack has a very practical and useful design.

The pockets of both sides can manage extra slippers or a shoe brush. The front cover of the rack prevents water and dust from entering the rack. It has an adjustable system.

You can keep the shoe rack in a small place like in your room corner or under stairs. It is easier to assemble and without any extra tools you can set this up within 10/15 minutes.

Pros & Cons

  • It has waterproof non-woven fabrics. So, your shoe rack won’t get muddy.
  • The front cover is very useful.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.
  • It is very durable and sturdy.
  • A little bit heavy to move.

Final Thought

This shoe tower looks like a little closet to organize messy shoes. It looks very nice and elegant where you keep it.

7. SONGMICS 10-Tire Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 10-Tire Shoe Rack

Presenting a very smart designed shoe rack from SONGMICS. This black shoe rack with metal construction is very much useful and stylish.

The 10 shelves can carry at least 50 pairs of shoes. If you need big shoe storage, this is the perfect choice for you.

The body of the shoe rack is metal constructed and the connectors are plastic made. Each shelf has a waterproof non-woven fabric. You can adjust the shelves according to your necessary.

This is a black colored shoe tower with numerous storage. The distance between each layer is 6 3/4″. So, you can easily keep your boots or high heels here.

Pros & Cons

  • Organize the mess of shoes.
  • Prevent the shoe tower from being muddy.
  • Quite easy and quick to assemble.
  • Includes an instruction manual.
  • Be careful while assembling the shoe tower.

Final Thought

The non-woven fabric on the shoe rack is removable. You can keep all types of shoes on this shoe rack.

6. Internet’s Best 3-Tire Shoe Tree

Internet's Best 3-Tire Shoe Tree

Finding an exceptional, cute, and stylish shoe rack? This one from Internet’s Best offers you a great result. It is a 3-tire shoe tree. Yes, literally shoe tree. You can hang 18 pairs of shoes from the handles of the shoe rack.

The steel body and smooth finishing with black color look very smart. Actually, it’s a very tiny rack which you can store anywhere in your house. Yet, it gathers a lot of shoes and cleans the clutter.

The size of this shoe tree is 15.31″ length x 13.9″ width x 7.91″ height. The shoe tree has a practical design because you can choose and pick any shoes without dropping another shoe.

Pros & Cons

  • Saves your room space.
  • Quick and easy set up system.
  • Very easy to move with handles.
  • Enough sturdy and durable.
  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Sometimes it may get wobbly.
  • No umbrella pocket available.

Final Thought

This effective and exceptional shoe tree is a good choice for small spaces like a closet or bedroom. The handle helps to move the rack effortlessly.

5. FORUP 10-Tire Shoe Rack

FORUP 10-Tire Shoe Rack

Meet a fashionable shoe rack from FORUP. This is a 10-tire shoe rack and each shelf can store 3 shoe pairs, so the whole shoe tower can store 20/25 pairs of shoes.

The metal construction with non-woven fabric is quite sturdy and durable. The non-woven fabric is waterproof and soft.

You don’t have to worry about the bad smell of shoes, this shoe rack is breathable. It will prevent bad smells.

You can assemble the whole shoe rack without any extra tools. The plastic connectors are safe and strong to hold up the shoe rack.

Pros & Cons

  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Lightweight to move.
  • Organize the clutter.
  • Fashionable look for any room.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Be careful while assembling.
  • Doesn’t come with rubber feet.

Final Thought

This aesthetically designed shoe rack is very useful and looks cool. You can keep it on the front door, beside doors or room corners.

4. Whitmor Space maker 10-Tire Shoe Tower

Whitmor Space maker 10-Tire Shoe Tower

Now time for a brand which is famous and popular for almost 70 years. Welcome to an excellent shoe tower from the famous Whitmor Store. The 10-tire shoe rack can store 30-35 pairs of shoes.

The rack is available in two different colors, Black and Grey. It is made with sturdy material and has perfect smooth chrome finishing. Each layer has a soft fabric on it. While cleaning, just wipe it.

You can keep here your folded dresses, bags, accessories, photo frames, or laptops instead of shoes. The dimension of the shoe tower is 11.25″ length x 23.88″ width x 58.63″ depth.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be used for multi-purposes.
  • Very quick to assemble.
  • No extra tools are necessary to set up the whole rack.
  • Keeps everything organized.
  • Connect the connectors tightly while setting up the rack.

Final Thought

The shoe rack is adjustable. You can adjust the height according to your need. You can keep boots, heels, or sneakers on it.

3. Oanon 10-Tires Shoe Rack

Oanon 10-Tires Shoe Rack

Looking for good storage with an aesthetic look shoe rack? The Oanon brand is offering you the best one. You can keep all of your shoes organized well in this shoe rack.

This shoe rack is a great use to clean the mess from your room. It is available in white color with a smart design. The fabric layer on each shelf is water and dusts proof.

You can keep this shoe rack in any place of your house or office. You can put 30 pairs of shoes on the rack very easily. The compact design can be fit in your closet too.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Looks elegant anywhere.
  • Dust and water proof.
  • Numerous storage capacity.
  • Can be a little wobbly.

Final Thought

This shoe rack is very convenient to keep your shoes tidy and clean. You can wipe the fabric when you want to clean.

2. Blissun Shoe Rack

Blissun Shoe Rack

A magnificently designed shoe rack from Blissun Store. This is a stainless steel shoe rack with grey and black color. The elegant look of this rack fits with any room.

The rack has a steel body, plastic connectors and each layer have a waterproof fabric. The waterproof non-woven fabric is environment friendly and soft. This shoe tower is simple but classic.

The size of this shoe rack is 34″ x 11″ x 61″. You can use this rack for keeping your clothes, bags, books, teddy bears, photo frames, or shoes.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable height according to necessary.
  • Very easy assembling system.
  • Enough sturdy.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Spacious space.
  • Be careful about the plastic connectors.
  • The size of the rack is a bit bigger.

Final Thought

This big and spacious shoe organizer is a good choice. I will recommend this one for its all-best features.

1. Whitmore 8-Tire Shoe Tower

Whitmore 8-Tire Shoe Tower

In our list, the first and best product is from Whitmore. The 8-tire shoe tower can hold at least 40 pairs of shoes. This shoe rack is perfect for all kinds of shoes like boots, heels, or sneakers.

The non-slip system of this shoe rack is wonderful. The shoe rack is made of sturdy metal material and has a silvery finishing. It is a spacious shoe tower that takes a small place to keep.

The whole dimension of this shoe rack is 9.0″ length x 32.25″ width x 49.8″ height. The distance between each shelf is 5 1/2″. The shoe rack has a smooth handle to carry it away.

Pros & Cons

  • Has bottom rubber feet for preventing floor scratch.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for all kinds of shoes.
  • Lightweight enough.
  • Quite durable and sturdy.
  • It’s not adjustable.
  • Be careful while installing the rack.

Final Thought

You can blindly rely on this study and long-lasting metal shoe tower. This can be your everyday assistant to keep your home tidy and clean!

Buying Guide

I have discussed my list, but now I’ll find the right one for you? Worry not, I will discuss a buying guide to help you get the best product.

Long-Lasting Shoe Rack

It is necessary to ensure the durability of the tower shoe rack. No matter what the material is, it must be sturdy and durable.

For Home, Office, or Dormitory?

For home, you need e medium size shoe rack. As it will remain in your house, the design should be more stylish.

For office and dormitory, you need a simple design shoe rack. It must be capable of holding 20-30+ pairs of shores.


It is one of the most important features. Your shoe rack will certainly mix with water. If it is not waterproof then it will end up in a few months. So, must checkout it is waterproof or not.

Your Priority

It is the most important fact. First, understand what type of design you want. It includes the design, height, pairs of shoes, multi-purpose use, and others. Then Choose one that matches most of your needs.


Q: How long does a tower shoe rack last?

A: It depends on the quality and durability. If the shoe rack is made of high-quality material then it will last for 10+ years or more. If you fail to choose a durable one, it may not last a year. All of my listed products are highly durable.

Q: What is the best material for a towel shoe rack?

A: Any material can be best for tower shoe rack but you have to ensure the durability. I recommend steel or metal for better durability.

Q: Is installation essential?

A: Yes. Most of the tower shoe racks require minimum installation. Some require high and some little. But all of my chosen tower shoe racks require little installation. It will take a few minutes just.


I think you will have no more confusion about the best tower shoe racks. All the products I recommend are durable and stylish. They don’t require excessive installation.

Read the features and buying guide. Then try to understand the appropriate product for you.

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