Best Place to Hang a Hanging Shoe Rack – 7 Best Usage of Hanging Shoe Rack

Hanging shoe rack is now a popular shoe rack among different types. It is getting more popular for its multi-purpose uses.

Many people are still confused about a hanging shoe rack. They don’t know what is the suitable place to hang it and how to use it properly.

Today I am here with an interesting article about hanging shoe rack. Today, I will discuss the best possible places to hang it and various uses of it. So, keep reading the article and learn in detail.

Where can I Hang a Hanging shoe Rack?

In your Home

Hanging shoe racks are widely used for home. The office and dormitory, cabinet shoe racks are used. In your home, there are so many places to hang it. Let’s get some ideas.

  1. On the wall

Most of the people hang it on the wall. There are mainly 2 ways to hang them on the wall. First, you can pin them. Second, you can use a hanger.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of hanging it on the wall. If you use too many shoes then the wall can be affected.

Sometimes, the dirt of the shoe can damage the color of the wall. If you want to store shoes then the wall is the best place. For the regular use, entryway wall is better.

If there is any defect on the wall and that ruins the beauty of the whole room, you can use a hanging shoe rack to hide it. Hanging it on the wall is easier than other ways.

  1. Behind the Door

This is another common place to hang a shoe rack. Most of the people use hooks or hangers to set them behind the door.

Setting it on the wall is more secure. But hanging behind the door can hide the shoes. I think there is no chance for your door to get damaged. If you put extra pressure on your shoe rack then I suggest not setting it behind the door.

  1. On the Entryway

It is the most suitable place to hang the shoe rack. If you use the hanging shoe rack regularly then entryway is better. The rack will get dirty regularly.

As it is the entryway, it won’t be much problematic. If it is inside the room then you have to clean your room continuously.

Also, there is a chance to spread germs and bacteria. In the case of an entryway shoe rack, the chance is lower.

Don’t forget to clean your shoe rack regularly. When you clean the entryway, try to clean the shoe rack first.

In your Garden

A hanging shoe rack is also very much useful for the garden. People use it in the garden for various purposes. Most of the time people hang it on a standard or wooden foil.

If you don’t want to enter your garden with regular shoes you can keep them on the shoe rack. You can also keep the necessary gardening tools on the shoe rack.

In Some Offices

I have already mentioned, hanging shoe racks are appropriate for home use. But you may also notice then in some offices. As hanging shoe racks are coming with various types of design, there are some designs for offices.

Most o the time you see the shoe rack in the office entryway or just in front of the main gate. People come to the office bringing dirt on the shoe.

So, they won’t mix the dirt with the interior. Sometimes, you will see the hanging shoe rack in the common room. They are used for holding different types of tools.

7 Different Ways to Use Hanging Shoe Rack

I have already discussed some ways to hang your shoe racks. Here I will some interesting ways to use a hanging shoe rack. So, keep reading.

  • Kitchen Tools Organizer

A hanging shoe rack can be a great organizer in your kitchen. You can put the spoons, pot, bottle, and other necessary tools in the rack.

The most advantageous thing is, most of them come with cubes. So, you will be able to arrange them in a proper position. No more you have to seek it under the table or over the stove.

If it is an expensive shoe rack then you will get plenty of space to keep more tools. But remember,  every shoe rack has a maximum weight capacity. Don’t overpressure the rack. Otherwise, it will get damaged.

  • Bathroom Shelf

Another use is in the washroom. You can arrange all the necessary tools in the rack such as soap, towels, shampoo, etc.

But in case of using it in the washroom, make sure the rack is waterproof. It must get mix-up with water. Unless it is waterproof it will be damaged quickly.

  • Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is a useful tool. Whenever we see any beautiful one we buy it. But storing a wrapping paper is quite difficult. Hanging shoe rack is an interesting way to store wrapping papers.

Not only wrapping paper, but you can also store different types of paper tools and sheets in the shoe rack.

When you will store them in a box or table then there is a chance to get folded and lose its attraction. If you keep them in a hanging shoe rack then it will remain the same.

  • The Doll House

Little girls love to play with dolls. Most of them have a desire to collect dolls and make a doll house. A hanging shoe rack is an interesting way to make a dollhouse.

Not all the shoe racks are appropriate for use as a dollhouse. Make sure the rack has small cubes. If there are large cubes then it won’t look great.

So, you can use it in this way and make your little daughter smile.

  • Makeup Tools Organizer

Who doesn’t love to makeup? But the fact is we lost the tools frequently and need to buy new tools. No more worries. A hanging shoe rack is here to help you to organize them perfectly.

You can keep all the tools perfectly in a hanging shoe rack. As there are many cubes, you can categorize them according to their size and use. Ultimately, it will be a great way to organize your makeup tools.

  • Organize your Cloth

Organizing cloth is always a ridiculous task. Using a hanging shoe rack, you can easily store and arrange your clothes on the rack.

There are different parts to hold different types of cloths. In one part you can keep light dresses, in the other, keep the heavy dresses.

For single boys, a hanging shoe rack is a better option than hangers. You can watch different videos on YouTube, how to use a hanging shoe rack and cloth storage.

  • Use as Garden Pots to Grow Plants

Many people tend to plant trees using bottles and pots. Hanging shoe rack is a great way to plant trees. Besides, you will get enough room and more options.

At first, you need to mix-up the soils and other fertilizer. The full the cubes with the soil. Plant trees and take care. Make sure that you keep the shoe rack on the sunlight.

How to Choose a Perfect Hanging Shoe Rack?

There are some factors you need to make sure before buying a perfect hanging shoe rack. Here I am showing the facts.

Durability and Construction

The first and foremost thing is to ensure the durability of any product. In the case of hanging shoe rack, make sure that the rack is made of durable materials.

All the connections of the rack will be sturdy. As it will remain hanging, it may fall someday. In such a situation, it must be able to hold such pressure.

Affordable Price

Hanging shoe racks generally comes with cheaper price than wooden or tower shoe rack. I also recommend, buy a hanging shoe rack at an affordable price. Don’t cost too much on it.

Remember, don’t buy any product of poor quality. It’s better to maintain a brand.


It is another important fact. Make sure the shoe rack is waterproof. Most of the time, we come home with wet shoes. During the rainy season, it happens more often. In such cases, this feature is essential. So, must ensure this feature.

Multi-purpose Uses

I have already discussed a point where I discussed several uses of a hanging shoe rack. So, you may understand why it is essential to buy such a shoe rack that is appropriate for use in different ways.

For example, it will be able to hold clothes, kitchen tools, gardening tools, and others.


I have already discussed “Where can I use hanging shoe rack and how to use hanging shoe rack?” Reading the article, you must learn different uses and ways to use and hang a hanging shoe rack.

I have already discussed another part with a short guide. If you are looking for the best hanging shoe rack then you can check out the article best hanging shoe rack review.

Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Thank you.

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