Top 10 Best Wooden Coffee Table – Best Pick with Buying Guide

House feels so empty without a centerpiece. The coffee table is also a kind of centerpiece. It is always the main focus of a living room.

Many of us love vintage or retro style and environment-friendly furniture. For them, the wooden coffee table is the best option as well as a wooden coffee table that lasts quite a long time.

I gathered here the top 10 best wooden coffee tables which are also functional, aesthetic, and also stylish. Depending on your taste, you can choose plenty of styles of wooden coffee tables from this article. Go on!

10. WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Get introduced to an exclusive coffee table manufactured by WLIVE. Constructed with E1 particle board the table is highly durable. The steel frame gives extra advantages and long-lasting service.

The table also comes with an extending top. It offers a floating raised surface that is appropriate for working or dining. The table can hold up to 115 pounds.

The waterproof feature is another important feature of this feature. Assembling the table is also super easy. You will get the necessary hardware and manual with this table package.

So, considering all the features this coffee table is an ideal option for you.


  • Material: Steel frame and E1 particleboard.
  • Dimension: 42.9W x 25.6D x 18.2-27.1H inches.
  • Load capacity: 115 pounds.
  • Hidden component for extra storage.
  • Waterproof

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stylish design.
  • Weight capacity could be about higher.

Final Thought

The table has a hidden component that is the most unique feature. It is appropriate for storing your laptop, diary, necessary tools, others.

9. Emerald Home Chandler Coffee Table

This practical designed heavy-duty coffee table will save a lot of space in your room. The Emerald Home Furnishings brand is introducing you with an industrial designed centerpiece.

The table is divided into two different sections which give plenty of space. The legs are made with high-quality metal. That’s why it will be the best pick for compact areas.

It is made with solid wood with smooth finishing and has cross-bracing metal legs. The metal legs are rust-proof. You can just wipe off the table if it gets dirty.


  • Material: Pinewood and Metal
  • Dimension: 48″ L x 24″ W x 18″ H
  • The difference between the two sections is 10″
  • The warm look of this table gives a vintage taste to your room.
  • Cross-bracing metal black legs are at the right angle for holding enough weight.

Pros & Cons

  • Enough load taking capacity.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Undoubtedly durable.
  • Not too much wide.

Final Thought

This functional coffee table is a handy one. It’s affordable, looks superb, and gives a highly impressive service.

8. Walker Edison Rustic Coffee Table

If you want both simplicity and a sophisticated look in your living room, then this coffee table is what you are hunting for. The rectangular-shaped coffee table with a double part gives extra storage.

This table has an extraordinary feature and that is at each corner of this coffee table there are X-shaped metal sides. It not only looks beautiful but also gives strength to hold the weight on the table.

It has grey colored rustic finishing which gives a quite elegant look in your room. You can keep this table in your living room matching with your sofa set.


  • Material: MDF and metal
  • Dimension: 18″ H x 40″ L x 22″ W
  • Weight taking capacity: 75 pounds
  • The laminated top helps to protect the table for a long time.
  • Both side’s X-shaped black metal frame gives extra strength.

Pros & Cons

  • Undoubtedly sturdy.
  • Quite durable.
  • Impressive service.
  • Only available in grey finishing.

Final Thought

Not only for the living room but also suitable for the farmhouse, office room, or bedroom. On top of this table, there is plenty of space too.

7. Martin Svensson Home Ventura Coffee Table

Martin Svensson Home is a brand that will blend with any kind of aesthetic style room. It has a stylish design with great service. This brand won’t disappoint you with the quality of their products.

You can get this coffee table with antique white, expresso, and grey finishing. This product has rough-hewn saw marks that give the boorish look. It will fit in any big farmhouse or cottage.

This rectangular shaped coffee table has a round soft corner to prevent any scratch on the skin. The L shaped legs give strength to hold the table strongly. As it has rustic finishing it gives warm feelings to the impression of your guests.


  • Material: New Zealand Pinewood
  • Dimension: 48″ W x 26″ D x 18″ H
  • This table is manufactured in Vietnam.
  • Soft round edges add a specialty to the table.
  • It has rustic finishing and L shaped legs.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Looks elegant.
  • Don’t put the table outside in rain.

Final Thought

However, you can also use this coffee table in your office room, dining room, or any sophisticated area. It gives a charming vibe always.

6. Giantex Rustic Coffee Table

Constructed with rustic finishing and metal frame legs, the Giantex brand conquers each customer’s satisfaction. The color of this coffee table is warm and the legs are enough strong.

This table can be the redecoration of your living space. You can keep your books, remote, magazines, tray, decorative items, or laptop on the coffee table. The spray paint of this table will be durable without any doubt.

As it has a large space on the top to put many things, so when your friend will gather or any party, this table will serve the best. The metal legs are doubled, so it ensures the best result.


  • Material: P2 Grade Solid Wood and Iron
  • Dimension: 43.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 17″ H
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • Load taking capacity: 44lbs
  • The rounded metal legs protect the floor and carpet from scratch.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to clean.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.
  • Quite study.
  • No drawbacks at all.

Final Thought

You can keep this beautiful coffee table in your study room, living room, bedroom, or garden.

5. FOLUBAN Rustic Coffee Table

Show off your personality by choosing the perfect centerpiece of your room. Give FOLUBAN Rustic Coffee Table in your home and then just get a look. You will be amused by the magnificent charms of this coffee table.

The manufacturers of this product made this table adding a special feature. It has 4 self-adhesive rectangular pads for the steel legs, so the table won’t make scratch spots on the floor or ruin your precious carpet.

This coffee table is simple but gives an excellent look at your living room or office room. The top part is large so you can keep your items on it clutter-free.


  • Material: Wood Grain, MDF, and Metal
  • Dimension: 47.2″ W x 23.6″ D x 18″ H
  • Weight: 29.18lbs
  • Load taking capacity: 300lbs
  • The metal legs have a powder-coated black finish for a matte and gorgeous look.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Includes an instruction book.
  • Enough load taking capability.
  • Available in only Oak color.

Final Thought

This rectangular-shaped strong coffee table will be suitable in your living area, bedroom, or office room. Perfect choice for small apartments.

4. Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Coffee Table

As the brand name is Best Choice Products, the products are the best choice for customers. This table will impress your whole family and guests by its appearance. This is a unique and innovative one.

If you want to give your room a mid-century or vintage vibe, then you must take a look at the features of this coffee table. It has 3 open points to grab or keep items at the bottom shelf.

It is honestly an amazing and distinct coffee table. The design of this table is very simple yet highly practical and functional. The table has a huge load taking capacity that you can place a whole television on it.


  • Material: P2 Grade Particle Board
  • Dimension: 39.25″ L x 19.75″ W x 17.5″ H
  • Load taking capacity: 110lbs
  • It has 3 open points to store your necessary handy items or any decorative items.
  • The finishing of this coffee table is very smooth.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to clean.
  • Maximum load taking capacity.
  • Quite easy to assemble.
  • Needs a large space to fit.

Final Thought

This is a simple and practical designed coffee table. You can place this in your office room, bedroom, or living room.

3. Olee Sleep Coffee Table

Olee Sleep has created this fabulous coffee table with the best craftsmen and modern design. It has a very impressive contemporary design that can fit in different places.

Without a coffee table, you can use this table as a cocktail table or end table. The top part is large and the bottom shelf is a bit smaller. At the bottom part, you can keep magazines, books, movie DVDs, or any showpiece.

It has rustic brown finishing and metal legs. Plus, you don’t have the hassle to assemble the parts of this coffee table as it has an instruction book. Just need to attach few screws and done!


  • Material: Solid Pinewood
  • The metal legs have black color finishing that looks pretty cool.
  • At the bottom shelf, you can keep some handy items.
  • It fits in any kind of room or office room.
  • Large top to keep things without the mess.

Pros & Cons

  • Study and durable.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Best quality material.
  • No cons indeed.

Final Thought

This is a multi-functional coffee table that can be used as an office table, cocktail table, or end table too. An impressive centerpiece.

2. VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table

The VASAGLE coffee table offers a modern atmosphere and adds more storage capacity in your office or room. This rectangular shaped coffee table gives warm feelings in your house.

The metal legs of this table are built with supreme quality Iron and the top wooden part looks so amazing. The legs are thick black powder coated that protects from rust.

It has a grilled bottom part on which you can settle some handy items like magazines or snacks. It is a perfect combo coffee table with the best look, best features, and best service.


  • Material: Particleboard
  • Dimension: 42.8″ L x 23.7″ W x 17.7″ H
  • Weigh: 30.1 lbs
  • Weight taking capacity of tabletop: 264lbs
  • Weight taking capacity of bottom shelf: 88lbs

Pros & Cons

  • Saves space.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for small apartments.
  • A little bit heavy.

Final Thought

It sounds funny, but if you have a cat or dog in your house, then they can find the metal grilled part as their sleeping place!

1. Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table

This one is the best one with spacious surface at the top and bottom for storage. Redefine your living place with this beautiful and simple coffee table from the Sauder brand.

This table is a tough guy who will last long in your living room. By its simplest design, it has versatile usage. It doesn’t weigh too much so you can move it anytime you want.

With its impressive quality and service, it will make you spellbound. This company has a huge reputation for this furniture with customer satisfaction.


  • Material: Oak and metal
  • The top part of this table is spacious to keep things clutter-free.
  • The lower shelf is for additional storage of snacks, magazines, or remote.
  • Sleek design with black metal legs.
  • Maintenance is easy and hassle-free.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to clean.
  • No need for extra tools to assemble.
  • Enough load taking capacity.
  • No flaw at all.

Final Thought

This open shelf rectangular coffee table can be your best centerpiece in office room, bedroom, or anywhere.

Buying Guide

I have already discussed the 10 best wooden coffee table. You need to know more about the wooden coffee table if you want to get the perfect product for you.

So, I am adding an additional part where you will find the best guide about the best wooden coffee table.

High-quality Wood

There are different types of wooden coffee tables available made of different types of wood. But all of them are not sturdy and long-lasting. So before choosing one, make sure the table is made of high-quality wood.

I suggest the MDF board or E1 particleboard. You can choose other types of wood but make sure it will last longer and provide a quality service.

Construction and Frame

Another major fact is the frame. The frame should be made of high-quality steel or metal. At present, steel frames are more popular. Make sure the steel or metal comes with smooth finishing.

Also, pay attention to the construction make sure the table comes with strong construction.

Load Capacity

Most of the people don’t look for the load capacity. Without knowing the capacity they provide an extra load on the table. As a result, the table gets weaker day by day.

Most of the table comes with 100-300 pounds of load capacity. I suggest not buying one that comes with less than 100 pounds of load capacity.

If the tabletop is of glass then better to choose one that comes with high load capacity.


The waterproof feature is a must for a wooden coffee table. Fluid like coffee, tea, beer, water, etc. will continuously fall on the table.

If it is not a waterproof table then the table will never last long. So, before buying one, ensure this feature.

Leg Cover

It is not always necessary. But this feature provides an extra advantage. If the table comes with harsh legs then there is a chance that it can be noisy.

Besides, it may create scratches on the floor. Leg cover or rubber feet is a great solution to this problem.

It will keep the wooden leg safe as well as your floor. Transporting will also be easier with leg cover. So, try to choose one that comes with this feature

Installation System

Most of the time you need to install your coffee table. So, it is wise to get one that comes with an easy installation system.

Make sure the product comes with an easy manual. It’s better if you get the necessary hardware in the package. If you feel the table requires more than 1 person and consumes lots of time then avoid the table.

I have a suggestion for you if you are looking for a round wooden coffee table. You can check out another article about a round wooden coffee table by clicking here.

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Q: What is the best wooden coffee table?

A: Emerald Home Chandler Coffee Table is widely known as the best wooden coffee table.

Q: How to choose the best coffee table with wooden material?

A: While choosing the best wooden coffee table, you have to think about some issues regarding its size, shape, and materials.

Wooden coffee tables provide very long-lasting service. It should not be more than two-thirds of the sitting benches or sofa.

It should be portable and easy to carry. And the shape and color are absolutely depending on your taste in furniture. So, think about every issue before buying the best wooden coffee table.

Q: Can I use a rectangular shaped table as a coffee table?

A: You can use a table of standard size with any shape for a coffee or tea table.

Q: Where can I place a wooden coffee table?

A: You can place a coffee table on your balcony, veranda, corridor, living room, roof, or any other place where you loved to have a warm cup of coffee.

Q: Why should I use a lift top coffee table good for family usages?

A: Lift-top tables are good for family use especially as a coffee table. It helps to eat and get foods on it very easily.

Q: How big a coffee table should be?

A: A coffee table is two-thirds in the length of the sitting bench or the sofa. Only this type of measurement can help you get and eat foods from the table comfortably.

Q: How much I have to spend on a wooden coffee table?

A: A coffee table can vary in price and it depends on its color, material, functions, size, and similar issues. So,  mentioning an exact amount of price is not possible.


As no living room is complete without a coffee table, so I guess you have already picked a wooden coffee table from our list. Any of these coffee tables will look beautiful in any kind of declaration.

I hope this article gave you a lot of information about the best wooden coffee table. Check the price on Amazon by given the link below. Thank you for your patience.

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