What are the Types of Shoe Racks Available? – 9 Types


Organizing shoes may be tiring, but a good shoe rack can help you. Choosing the perfect shoe rack for your house can tidy up your house as well as look neat. There are various types of shoe racks nowadays.

If you live in a dorm, small apartment, or large mansion, you will find your favorite one. We have gathered here some shoe racks type which is less expensive and many of them you can make at home.

So, you have a huge opportunity to choose one! Today, I will discuss the topic “What are the types of shoe racks available?”

9 Types of Shoe Rack

  1. Shoe Rack Bench

This is the most popular and useful shoe rack. You don’t have to stumble while putting on or off the shoes. People feel it difficult to wear shoes in a standing position. So, this shoe rack bench can help you to choose shoes and easy wearing.

You can keep it in an entryway to your house.  These shoe racks come with two styles, one is only the bench, another is cushiony bench. The shoe rack has enough shelves or cubes to keep your shoes tidy and fresh.

Mainly these shoe racks are 2/3 tires, so you can sit on that easily. Some racks are open and some have cute little doors in front of the shelves.

Shoe rack benches are basically wooden and this wooden shoe rack looks very elegant.

  1. Shoe Cabinet

Shoe cabinets are actually a beautiful addition to your room. If you have many shoes cluttered, then you need shoe cabinets. You can keep shoe cabinets in your closet too if you have space shortage. They are short in size like drawers.

Technically, shoe cabinets can be used for many other works too. You can keep your books, kitchen stuff, or bathroom necessaries in this cabinet too.

Some shoe cabinets have extra-large spaces to store high boots. The best thing about a shoe cabinet is, it looks very attractive furniture in your room.

There are many kinds of cabinet shoe rack. From classic to many smart and stylish design. You can put a photo frame, some books, a vase, or any decorative item on the shoe cabinet.

Many people feel worried about creating bad smells in cabinet, but the cabinet doors have some air circulation system. So, it keeps the shoes fresh and dry.

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  1. Over-Door Shoe Rack

If you live in a dorm room or a small apartment, then you may need this one. We all know that dorm room has very space shortage. So, for small space problem, you can get over door shoe rack.

Overdoor shoes are actually hanging from the door or wall. Your over door shoe rack may have pockets or knobs to tuck your shoes.

Pockets are safer, to use over door shoe racks. If you hang in knobs there is a possibility that the shoes will fall.

Most of this type of shoe storage has 12-30 pairs of pockets. The pockets prevent dust and damage to shoes. These shoe racks are ridiculously cheap and you can even make them by yourself.

If you wear heels or boots, then you can’t store those in these pockets.

  1. Under the Bed Shoe Storage

Well, this is absolutely an innovative way to store your shoes in a little space like dorm room. You can utilize your under bed parts for keeping shoes organized. For this, you may need a rolling caster or a bag.

On a rolling caster, you can keep 6-10 pairs of shoes. You can pull the caster easily and after using push the caster under the bed again.

Plus a bag with a plastic cover with different cubes, you can store 10-12 pairs of shoes there. Both are very lightweight and you can keep heels on these too.

When you will move from the dorm, you won’t need extra bags to keep the shoes, your under bed bag shoe storage will work here. You can keep those under big chairs or couches too.

  1. Hanging Shoe Storage

Another fantastic solution for little space. Hanging shoe storage is a big space saver. If you don’t have enough place to keep a shoe rack or cabinet, then you can screw some shelves with wall. These shelves can be metal or wooden.

There are many fancy people who hang skateboard as shelves with the wall. All you have to drill the screws in a place and done! Very easy, pretty, and simple solution. You can add as much as shelves you want.

It saves a lot of space in a room and you can install this hanging shoe rack in front of your entry door. You can organize as much as shoes you want here.

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  1. Wooden Crate Shoe Storage

Wooden crates look very classic. You can use these wooden crates to make your shoe rack. You can attach the wooden crates with wall too. Don’t worry, wooden crates are very stable and strong. If you put many shoes on it, it won’t break.

You can make a bench and keep the wooden crates under the bench. This is more helpful. Now, if you are worried that where you will find a wooden crate, then you will easily find it in your nearby craft shops. Unfortunately, if you don’t find any, then make it by yourself.

It is very easy to make a wooden crate if you have some extra woods. It will look fancy, classic, and fill your necessary. You can also paint it if you want. You can store your books, DVD, blanket, or washroom stuff in these crates too.

  1. Wooden Shoe Rack

Wooden shoe rack is the most popular thing to store shoes. You will find a wooden shoe rack in almost every house. Wood is a raw material and for this reason, this is so famous.

There are different kinds of wooden shoe racks in modern times. You can find classic shoe racks, cabinet shoe racks, or hanging shoe racks made by wood.

Wooden shoe racks actually give a gorgeous glamour to your room. The polished dark brown color looks so elegant.

So, you can easily store your sandals, sneakers, high heels, or boots on these types of wooden shoe racks. If you research the best wooden shoe rack reviews, you will find the best one.

  1. Boot Storage

If you are so much fond of boots, then you will need those shoe racks which are designed for boots. Normal shoe racks can not hold boots naturally. You shouldn’t press your boots harshly in normal shoe racks if they don’t fit.

Maximum high-quality boots are made of expensive materials. So, if you put pressure on it, it may damage. Better, get a cute looking boot shelf. These shoe storage has taller space than normal ones.

In these boot storage, you can also keep your regular shoes like sandals, sneakers or heels. In the winter season, if you often wear boots, then you must get one boot shelf to save your precious boots.

  1. Metal Shoe Rack

Till now I was talking about the best wooden shoe rack options. Now, let’s think about metal shoe rack. Metal shoe racks are obviously better than wooden shoe racks. They are enough sturdy and strong.

Many metal shoe racks are rustproof and it will durable for your lifetime. Metal shoe racks also available in different designs. The smooth polished look and elegant design will enhance the style of your room.

You don’t have to worry about the scratching spots on your floor because these metal shoe racks have rubber pads at the bottom legs. So, you can choose one elegant looking metal shoe rack for you!

Most Wanted Features in A Shoe Rack

Before buying your favorable shoe rack from Online or normal store, check some essential features. Without those features, a shoe rack is empty. So, check the bellow features-

  • Space Savior

Maximum people want their shoes to organize in a small place. So first, check the size of your shoe rack and think that where you will keep that. If you want to keep your shoe rack in the closet or under a bed, then choose a little one.

An entryway shoe rack should take a small space and look beautiful. Anyways, see the size first to save spaces.

  • Strong and Sturdy

You won’t buy a shoe rack daily. So, choose one with sturdy wood or metal constructed. Quality full shoe racks are enough sturdy and durable. If you buy a low quality one, you know the result already.

  • Design

There are differently designed shoe racks now. Some are for normal shoes or some are for boots. So, choose your shoe rack design carefully. Some shoe racks have doors like cabinet, some are open.

Open shoe racks have a problem is the shoes may get dusty. The cabinet shoe racks keep the shoes fresh and dust-free. Hence, choose your shoe rack design smartly.

  • Money

Look at your wallet. Don’t waste your money on big shoe storage if you don’t need that. If you like one shoe rack and you don’t have enough money, then save your money or make a DIY shoe rack.

There are many creative ideas for DIY shoe racks. It will save your wallet!


Now you know all nuts and bolts of choosing and buying a shoe rack, right? Shoe rack is an essential necessity for every house and you should pick one very carefully.

You have to keep in mind the best features of a shoe rack before buying one. Buy a quality product and that will serve you for your lifetime. Have a happy shopping!

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