How Should I Clean a Wooden Shoe Rack – Follow the Easiest Techniques

A dirty shoe rack is enough to destroy the beauty of a well-organized house. Besides, uncleaned tools never last long. So, it is necessary to keep everything tidy, clean, and organized including your shoe rack.

You may think it an easy task. Yes, it is easy but most of us don’t clean our shoe rack in the proper way. Even some people follow the wrong ways and decrease the durability of a shoe rack.

Today, I will discuss the topic, “How should I clean a wooden shoe rack?” So, let’s go to the main process.

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How to Clean a Wooden Shoe Rack?

I will discuss the whole process in 3 parts. So, let’s get started with the main task.

Method 1: Preparation

1. Take aside the shoes gently

The first mistakes people do is they take aside the shoes roughly and make the rack dirtier. It also causes harm to shoes.

Gently take away the shoes. Make sure the dirt is not increasing while removing the shoes.

2. Keep the rack out of your room

I don’t prefer cleaning the shoe rack inside your room. It will make your room dirty. Besides, you may not get enough room inside the room. So, keep it outside the room.

3. Get your gloves and Mask

It is necessary to wear gloves and masks before cleaning anything. The shoe rack contains lots of visible and invisible germs and dust. Try to avoid them by wearing gloves.

Mask is more important as dust will fly in the air near you. If you don’t wear a mask, it may enter your lungs through your nose. It may cause harm to your lung. So, protection first.

4. Dust-Allergy?

Some people get an allergic attack when they go near dust. If you have such a problem then I suggest you not doing it. You may have faced more or less dust. So, you better not clean dirty things such as a shoe rack.

5. Gather the Ingredients

Before starting, you need to gather some tools. Let’s get the list.

  • Cleaning solution (I will discuss how to make it)
  • Spray bottle
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Cleaning soft wipe
  • Drywipe
  • Lukewarm water

Method 2: Making the Cleaning Solution

Making the Cleaning Solution

First, you can get it in any grocery shop. Just ask them for any effective cleaning agent for cleaning wooden tools.

But, I think you don’t need to go to the shop. You can make them in your home. The things you need are available in everyone’s home. So, learn how to make it.

  • First, take a bottle and include a sprayer. If you have a spray bottle then remove the spray.
  • Add the same portion of vinegar and lukewarm water. For example, if you want to make a 100 ml cleaning solution then add 50-gram water and 50 grab vinegar.
  • If the rack is extremely grimy then add few drops of dishwashing detergent (liquid) into solution.
  • Mix it and it is done.

Method 3: Cleaning Process

1. Wipe off the Dust

First, you have to remove the dust from the rack. Take a dry large size wipe and hit the rack. You will see flying dust and it can easily enter your body by your nose. So, must wear a mask before doing it.

2. Spray the cleaning solution

Now take the sprayer and spray the solution all over the shoe rack. Be careful about the ground. Most of the people miss the ground portion and the rack remains dirty.

3. Take a soft wipe and wipe the cleaner

Now it’s time to wipe the cleaner on the rack. You will see rack is getting wooden color after wiping. Keep doing it and don’t miss any position.

4. Add extra spray to the excessive grimy surfaces

Some parts of the shoe rack are extremely grimy. It is not very easy to clean them. If they don’t get cleaned after cleaning once, add extra solution there and wipe that harder.

5. Careful inside the rack

Inside a rack, there gather some hidden dirt. In case of that get a torch and detect where is more dirt. Clean them carefully. Be careful about while cleaning some. Sometimes, the hang-up wooden pieces can hurt your fingers.

6. Take another clean  wipe to dry the rack

Now take a dry cloth and wipe the rack again. It will absorb liquid and dry up the shoe rack quickly.

Your shoe rack is clean and germ-free like a new one.

Method 4: Post-Cleaning Activities

1. Bring back the rack into your house

After cleaning the rack, you have to bring it back to the place where it stands. Before bringing back clean the place where it stands. Don’t put it a long time into the sun.

If there is any fan then start it. It will help to remove the moisture from the rack. Don’t put the shoes on the rack before it is completely dry.

2. Gently arrange the shoes on the rack

Now it’s time to arrange the shoes. The shoes already contain dirt. So, gently put then on the rack.

3. Clean the place where you cleaned the rack

The place must contain dirt and germ because the dirt and dust of the rack will remain on the place. Before it starts making more germ, clean the area.

4. Take a shower

After cleaning everything, your body must contain some dirt and germ. It can be a cause for an allergic attack or something worse. So, as soon as you clean the shoe rack, take your shower. Must clean your gloves and masks.

How Often Should I Clean a Wooden Shoe Rack?

It’s a very common question. It depends on some factors. The first thing is how dirty it. If there are members like students, outside workers, and someone who regularly goes out and comes in, you have to clean it regularly.

If you live in a short family and don’t go out very often you should clean it after 2-3 days.

Again if the product is low-graded then you must clean it regularly. If it is a quality product compatible with dust-proof features, then you may get some rest. I have an article about the best wooden shoe rack reviews. You can click here to get some outstanding wooden shoe racks.

There are differences between cleaning and deep cleaning. You should clean it regularly but it is normal cleaning. You have to deep clean the product once a week. I have discussed the deep cleaning process.

Why Should I Clean a Wooden Shoe Rack?

There are so many reasons behind it. Here I will discuss some reasons. Keep reading the reasons. After reading it, you must clean your shoe racks regularly.

1. Long-lasting Performance

A product will never last if it remains dirty all year long. If you keep that uncleaned then firm and dirt will gather and start damaging the wood.

The hangers or doors will also be damaged. They won’t be smooth like the past. It may be harmful to kids.

2. Increase Dirt in Room

Another reason is, a dirty shoe rack will increase dirt in your room. Your beautiful room will look like garbage only because of the shoe rack. Besides, if it is on the entryway then the entryway will always remain dirty.

No guest will appreciate you while entering your room. So it is important to keep the rack clean and tidy.

3. Harmful for Your Health

A dirty shoe rack can be a reason for your illness. It can also attack the babies. Babies sometimes reach the shoe racks and keep playing. If it is dirty then babies will mix with dirt. Due to dust, you can be affected by different types of diseases. Let’s get some examples..

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Hayfever
  • Irritation of the eyes
  • Asthma attack

How can I keep My Shoe Rack Clean and Tidy?

Here I am giving some tips to keep your shoe rack tidy and clean.

  • Always keep it in a clean place.
  • Remove the old shoes.
  • Keep the regularly used shoes on the front side. (From where you can keep or take away easily)
  • Place a bag in the shoe rack full of bicarbonate, salt, or bits of charcoal. (It eliminates mold and moisturizers.
  • Always clean your shoes.
  • Clean the shoe rack regularly.
  • Choose the best wooden shoe rack. (Click here to get 10 best wooden shoe storage reviews)


I have discussed the easiest technique to clean a wooden shoe rack. You don’t need to cost a penny if you follow this article.

Must maintain your safety and clean it in times. You must want to see the shoe rack years after years. Don’t overspray the cleaner and over rinse the rack.

Hopefully, you will understand how to clean a wooden shoe rack properly.

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