How to Make Hanging Shoe Rack? – Proper Guide With Maintenance Tips

A hanging shoe rack is a unique one and they are not available like the other shoe racks. Besides, some people always prefer to use DIY things. Making a wooden shoe rack or cabinet shoe rack is quite easy. But making a hanging shoe rack is easy but critical.

I am here to help you. Today I will discuss the best way to make a hanging shoe rack. I will discuss them step by step. Don’t worry about the materials.

You have almost everything you need to make it. So keep reading and learn “How to make hanging shoe rack?”

What is a Hanging Shoe Rack?

Before starting to discuss how to make a hanging shoe rack, I want to give you the proper idea about a hanging shoe rack.

If you do not have much space in your hall room to fit a large normal shoe rack, then the solution is a hanging shoe rack.

Hanging shoe racks are those you can hang on the wall of a room or behind the door and they come with some pockets where you can organize your shoes. Usually, they don’t take much space in your home but saves your shoes from being messy.

The amazing fact is hanging shoe racks can be used to store other things like jewelry, purses, or other small stuff. Maximum hanging shoe rack’s pockets work as a covering on your shoes and save them from dust. In this way, your shoes remain both organized and tidy at the same time.

Generally, a hanging shoe rack can hold many pairs of shoes as the structure is quite strong. Another impressive thing is you can hang a hanging shoe rack inside your wardrobe.

So if you don’t like putting your shoes in front of your guests, a hanging shoe rack is the best solution for keeping your shoes hidden.

How to Make Hanging Shoe Rack

Pre-Building Steps

Before making a hanging shoe rack, you have some works to do. Let’s start with the pre-building activities.

  1. Detect a Proper Place

You can’t hang a shoe rack anywhere you want. Keep in mind, the place will get dirty as most of the remain dirty. Also, make sure that is not any regular place like in front of the dining table. Considering everything, locate the place you want to hand the shoe rack.

  1. Gather the Material

Gather the Material

Before starting, you need to gather the ingredients need to build a shoe rack. Let’s see the list.

  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric 3/4-yard – 1 piece
  • 1/4-yard fabric – 4 pieces
  • Hooks
  • Dowel – 7/16 inches
  • Seeing supplies
  1. Get your Sewing Machine Ready

If you don’t use the sewing machine regularly then it may create a jam. You can use oil to make the machine smooth. Look after this factor. You must not stop your task for this silly problem.

Main Procedure

  1. Cut the Fabric

The first thing is you need to size the fabric. I made the shoe rack for kids’ and medium size shoes. Here are the cutting measurements of fabric that I used.

  • Back: 27 x 36 inches
  • 4 Pocket strips – 9 x 36 inches
  • 2 hook strips – 3 x 9 inches

Note: If you want to create a smaller one or bigger one then modify the size according to your need. Don’t take the wrong measurements.

  1. Hem Three Sides

Now it’s time to hem the 3 sides. You have to leave 1 side for open. The opening measurement is 27 inches.

How will you hem?

At first, fold over then press 1/4 inch. Again fold over and press at the same measurements (1/4 inches). Not stitch hem at the following place.

  1. Fix the Remaining Hem

Now fold over the remaining hem and press 1/4 inch. Again fold over and press with 1-inch measure. Now you will notice the opening.

  1. Prepare the Hook Straps

First, take the measurement in half lengthwise with respect to the right side together. Now stitch. Look for the edges and topstitch the edges. Follow the same process for all the strips.

  1. Sew the Hook Straps

Now time for sewing the hook straps along with the existing stitching. Do it carefully.

  1. Prepare the Long Sides of Pocket Fabric

Hem under the following long sides and fold it over. Now iron 1/4 inch on every short end.

  1. Sew the Pockets

Now gather the packet fabrics. Sew the bottom hemline using the longest stitch of the machine. Now use the first stitches and see 1/8 inch again.

Now pull on any of the threads and gather all the materials. Properly place it on backing and use a pin to attach it. Now see the packets on the bottom and sides.

  1. Stitching Vertical Seam

Now take the measuring tape and measure 6 inches. Mark the place with pins on the bottom and top. Now stitch a vertical seam to complete this step.

Repeat the same process with the other pocket strips. I took measurements 2 inches down for the top pocket. The bottom pocket was taken along with the bottom.

  1. Insert the Dowel

Now take the dowel and insert it at the top. Make a mark and cut it to 24 inches.

  1. Hang it

Your hanging shoe rack is done. Now hand the rack in a suitable place.

How to Sew a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging Shoe Rack Maintenance

Clean Regularly

Whether the shoe rack is messy or not, clean it on a regular basis to avoid any kind of dust and make it durable. Along with cleaning the rack, clean all your shoes regularly as well. To clean it you can use soap water or a mop only.

Deodorize the Rack

Shoes often produce an unwanted smell of sweat. If you keep them like that it will create an unhygienic environment in your home.

So, deodorize the hanging rack often with vinegar, water, and lemon juice. The lemon juice will give the hanging rack a pleasant smell.

Arrange Ventilation

Ventilation is another important factor to save your rack from getting smelly. So allow enough ventilation to the hanging shoe rack.

You can keep the wardrobe’s door open for some period or you can hang the rack where enough ventilation is available.

Evade Stain

Stains make stuff unpleasant for the eyes. So to prevent your hanging shoe from staining you can wrap the shoes in a bag and then put in the pockets of the rack. In this way, there will be no stain from the shoes on the rack.

Advantage and Disadvantages of DIY Hanging Shoe Rack

I have already discussed how to make a DIY shoe rack. If you can make it there are some advantages. But there are some disadvantages as well. Here I will discuss this fact.


  • Money-Saving: The most advantageous fact is making a hanging shoe rack at home will save lots of money. If you want to buy a hanging shoe rack you must have to cost 15-30 dollars at least. But making a rack at home will cost less than $5.
  • No-Hassle of Ordering or Going Market: If you want to buy a shoe rack from online then you have to order it. The second option is you have to go to the market. Making one at home doesn’t require any of them. Just go to any shop near you, and you will find all the materials required for making it.
  • Time-Saving: Ordering a shoe rack will take 2-5 days to reach your home. If you want to make it at home, it will be ready in a few hours.


  • Load-Capacity: A branded hanging shoe rack must be able to carry more load than a homemade shoe rack.
  • Durability: In case of durability, branded shoe racks are clearly ahead. Their construction, joints, and the material will be sturdier. So, if you buy a hanging shoe rack, they will last long.
  • Favorite Design: There are so many designs available for hanging shoe rack. If you want to make it at home, you may not be able to make the same one you found online
  • Multi-purpose Use: When you are buying one from a renowned brand, they will surely ensure your variety of use. You can keep all types of shoes on that shoe rack.

In case of a DIY hanging shoe rack, you may miss some shoes.

So, considering everything I think a branded shoe rack will be better than a DIY rack. If it is important then I will suggest you buy the best hanging shoe rack. I have an article about the best hanging shoe rack reviews. Click here to read the article.


Making a DIY shoe rack is not a tough task. If you are a DIY expert, then you will be able to make it in a few hours. In the whole process, you need to use a sewing machine. If you can run the machine, then take help from others who can use it properly.

If you can take care of the rack, then it will provide long-lasting service. I have discussed a part about the maintenance. Must read the part and maintain everything. Hopefully, you have understood how to make a hanging shoe rack at home.


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