How to Make Shoe Rack at Home – Complete Guide with 3 Easy Method

A shoe rack is a necessary tool everyone needs in their house. Most of the people buy shoe racks from the market. Some people are born curious and love to make their own tools. Besides, some people want to save money by creating tools at home.

So, can you build your own shoe rack at home? Surely, you can. Today, I am here with a complete guide on the topic, “How to make shoe rack at home?” So keep reading the article and build your own shoe rack.

What Is A Shoe Rack?

A shoe rack is a kind of furniture which helps to keep our shoes organized. Shoe storage is basically made of wood, plastic, or metal material. You can put your shoe rack in front of your entry door, bedroom, or closet.

There are various styles of shoe rack nowadays. The inside shelves help to hold the shoes. It keeps your room clean and tidy. On the shelves, the shoes remain fresh and odor-free.

You can buy shoe rack in online or from a store but it is possible to make creative DIY shoe racks at home. Your homemade shoe storage can show your creativity with your personality.

How to Make Shoe Rack at Home?

Here we are at the main stage. Now, I will discuss in detail, how to make your own shoe rack. The task is easy but you have to labor a bit. If you are very new in mechanical tasks then you may feel it tough. The experienced worker will get it very easy.

I will discuss the whole process in 3 methods.

Method 1: Designing and Preparation

1. The Designing

At first, you need to design the structure of the shoe storage. Take a pencil and a page. Try to draw the figures step by step including the measurements. If you have any new plan in your mind, note it.

2. Gathering Ingredients

Note the ingredients you need. Also, list the total cost. Here I am showing the ingredients you need.

2 legs (1x4x8)

5 Shelves (1x3x8)

Screw box (1-5/8 inch)

Drill bits

Miter saw

Measuring tape

Paint color/Spray primer


3. Taking the Protection

It is always necessary to maintain safety. I recommend taking gloves, glass, and mask. Always wear gloves, use mask, and glass while cutting the material.

Method 2: Main Procedure

1. Cut the material

Use the measure saw to cut the material according to a particular size. Must use your mask and glass. If you have never use the saw then you can take help from an expert. Here I am giving the measurements of cutting.

4 – 1 inch x 4 inch x 28 inch

12 – 1inch x 3 inch x 36 inch

6 – 2 inch x 2 inch x 12 Inch

I am taking these measurements. It is not mandatory that you have cut in the same measurements. For a bigger or smaller rack adjust the measurements according to your need.

2. Assembling the legs

It is the most important part. After attaching the leg, the rack will get the initial structure.

Gather the pieces according to the measurement of 2 – 1×4’s and 3 – 2×2’s. These pieces are for one end.

Set them on the ground. (Assembling measurements: On the bottom 2×2’s, on the top 1×4’s)

Now position the end of the flush(2×2) with 1×4 edge measurement.

Now take the same measurements for the other side. Now drill a hole in the outer end and place a screw to assure general alignment. Now insert the second screw in the same way by rechecking the alignment again.

Place the second leg following the same procedure.

Now time to install the 2×2 top. Measure 2-1/8 inch from the 1×4 top to 2×2 top. Again drill and place screws to the alignment.

Now install the 2×2 middle. Centre the top of the middle between the lower and upper 2×2’s. Maintain a distance of 11-1/2 inch.

Follow the same processing for the other side.

Assembling the shelves

This is the final part of the main procedure. it is not such complex as the past one. Let’s learn it step by step.

You already placed the leg in the upright direction. Place the shelf slat flush on the front or backside. Make sure that the shelve has butted up tight against the leg. Again drill 2 holes through the slat and place 2 screws.

Repeat the same process on the other end.

Now assemble the outer slat in the same way. Must ensure the flushness and the butted up tight ends.

Use a marker and mark the middle slats. Install the middle slats.

Follow the same procedure and install the top and middle shelves.

Method 3: Final Procedure

Your shoe shelf is ready. Now you can add design, and some extra features. I suggest painting the shoe rack. Choose any color of your choice and take a brush. Color the rack and dry it.

If you are not good and painting you can use the sprayer. Using a spray primer will be easier.

Now you can add hangers for additional space. If you want to know the easiest way,  attach some hooks or screw them and then they will work as hangers.

Your shoe rack is completely done.

Most of the people buy pre-made shoe shelf. For them, I have an article about the best metal shoe racks. Check out the metal shoe rack reviews clicking here.

How To Make a Shoes Rack With Only Some Plain Wood

Best Home-made Shoe Rack Ideas

Now time for some best DIY shoe rack ideas. These ideas are quite impressive and obviously amazing. So, let’s see how to make these beautiful shoe racks.

1. Closet style Shoe Rack

Before cutting or finding the materials of the making process, first imagine the structure of your shoe shelf. Take a paper and pencil, draw your draft shoe rack design. How many shelves you want, how long and deep will be the shelves.

Now make sure what kind of wood you want, here the pinewood board will be used for this rack. Measure the woods and then cut carefully. Polish the wood carefully then.

Take some wood glue to make the structure tight like forever! Keep it overnight to dry the glue. Then paint as the color you want. Let the paint dry. Ta-da! Your shoe shelf is ready. Simple, right?

2. Shoe Rack Bench

Shoe Rack Bench

You will make this shoe rack in a bench style. You can sit on the upside of the rack while tying shoes or heels. In this style shoe rack, 2/3 shelves should be enough and it will hold 16-18 pairs of shoes.

First cut the leg parts of your measured shoe shelf. Then legs will be part of the side of the shoe rack. Make the sides then. Then make the shelves of the shoe rack.

Then assemble the whole structure with screws and drill machine carefully. Before attaching the woods, polish the woods well. Now move to the top part where you will sit. Then paint as you wish. Done!

3. Cardboard Shoe Rack

Well, this shoe rack will cost nothing to make. You will need some duct tape and cardboard. According to your shoe sizes, measure the shoe racks.

Now make more units as much as you want for your shoes. With glue or duct tapes connect the units to give a beautiful shape of your shoe shelf.

On the top you can add extra flat cardboard, on that you can put your boots easily! This is an easy and beautiful shoe rack to keep in dorm rooms, under your bed or in closet.

4. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Sounds interesting, right? For this pretty shoe rack, you need to buy some PVC pipes according to your shoe numbers. You can put a pair of shoes in one pipe.

After buying the pipes, you need to cut the pipes according to the measure. You can cut this with a hack saw and it will probably take 20-30 minutes. Then clean and scrub the dirt from the pipes. Now polish the cut sides of the pipe with sandpaper.

Then you can draw as you wish on the pipes or you can wrap beautiful plain posters on the pipes. Glue the pipes together and sit for overnight. Finish!

5. Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet

First, think about how much shoe cabinet you want on this rack. Draw a draft first, then jump into the process. This cabinet shoe rack is made with scrap wood or melamine.

Cut all the scrap woods according to size as you want. After cutting polish the wood with sandpaper. Then drill the pocket holes where the screw will sit.

Now take the screws and then assemble with the holes. After screwing all the holes, your cabinet is ready. Paint it if you want!

6. Huge Shoe Rack

Practically, this is really huge! If you want to have a large shoe rack to assemble your shoes, then it’s for you. This will take a little place but organize your house well.

The first step is to measure the hardboard very carefully as you want. Follow your draft diagram and make the shelves step by step. After measuring and cutting, predrill the holes to joint screws.

After jointing the screws, glue the area for more stability. Let the glue dry. Now sand the rack for a polished look. Paint if you want. It’s ready!


The process is easy but some steps are a bit complex. Readout the steps properly and start working according to it. Choose durable materials for getting a long-lasting service. Always maintain the safety features and don’t work in a hurry.

Hopefully, you will be benefitted reading the article.

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