Top 10 Best Patriot Power Cell Reviews And Buying Guide

Power cells stand for a collection of galvanic cells that store electricity and can be used in any emergency. Power bank and portable charger are other names of the power cell and nowadays this tool has become very popular.

Travel lovers often need something to charge their phone, camera, tablets, headphones etc. in places where electricity is not available. All the best patriot power cell reviews claim that power cells can be great companions on any trip.

So you need to know which one will be suitable for you. In this review, I am going to introduce you to some best quality portable or solar chargers so that you can make a wise decision.

10. Aonidi Solar Charger 26800mAh

Traveling without mobile phones and a camera is incomplete in this era. But when you travel to any wild place or mountain it’s hard to find a place for charging the electric devices.

To prevent this problem the brand Aonidi has come up with their 26800 mAh powered solar charger. The power bank is provided with 18 led light in the back as an emergency flashlight.

The power bank comes with two USB ports and one additional Type-C port. That means you charge three devices at a time easily. Let’s learn about the highlighted features now to strengthen your decision.


  • Includes premium lithium polymer battery that makes it sturdy and highly durable.
  • 26800 mAh capacity is enough for surviving 8 days after a full charge.
  • 15W very fast charging capability with three Outports.
  • For outdoor activities at night, it has 18 super bright led lights on the back.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • You can enjoy your trips more in the places where electricity is not available with this solar power bank.
  • Takes a very short time to charge your devices.
  • It is fireproof and waterproof.
  • Don’t expose it to extreme sunlight for a long time.

Final Thought

This solar-powered power bank can be a great companion on your every trip.

9. Slols 20000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank

If you are looking for a solar power bank of high quality then Slos 20000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank can be a good option for you.

It has two USB ports, one Type-C port, and a wireless power port so you can charge multiple devices at a time.

The 4 LED bright flashlight provides multiple facilities outdoor at night and can be the emergency light provider. Let’s jump to the amazing features you can get while using it.


  • Comes with a 2000 mAh powered solar battery charger.
  • Two quick USB charger ports, one Type-C port, and QI wireless charging system are provided.
  • The 4 LED flashlight can work as a path provider in darkness.
  • It has a hook and carrying rope for easy portability.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Easy to carry as provided with carrying rope and hook.
  • It is rainproof, dustproof, and shockproof all at a time.
  • You can charge four devices at the same time and it charges very fast.
  • It is rainproof but not fully waterproof.

Final Thought

This power bank can be carried in planes as well and in times of emergency, you can use the solar charging mode so it can be a great addition to your life.

8. Big Blue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger

If you are in search of a portable solar charger for emergencies while traveling then Big Blue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger is here for you.

This Solar charger works in sunlight and it has 4 solar panels having the power of 28W in total. Three USB ports are included where you can charge your phone, tablet, or camera without any electricity.

Though it works only in sunlight the battery doesn’t drain out when there is no sunlight. The panels are made with materials that are water and scratch-resistant.


  • Comes with 4 solar panels each consisting of 7W power.
  • Three advanced USB ports are provided.
  • 4 Carabiners and loops for carabiners are included.
  • Weighs 1.34 pounds only.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Easy to carry as it is foldable.
  • Charges your devices even in low sunlight.
  • Can charge three devices at the same time.
  • It only works in direct sunlight.

Final Thought

If you often travel to those places where electricity is not available then this solar charger can help you a lot and the best patriot power cell reviews also claim it.

7. GRDE Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank Panel Charger

Nowadays, power banks or portable solar chargers became essential devices like mobile phones especially when we go on a trip.

GRDE is here with their high capacity solar charger cum power bank of 26800mAh to amaze you. This tool has three USB ports and a wireless charging system that enables you to charge four devices at a time.

It is provided with a 28 LED flashlight that helps you in camping at night. Now let’s learn about the features you can get after purchasing it.


  • Manufactured with strong ABS material which makes it durable.
  • 26800mAh high capacity for charging.
  • It can be charged with both the cable and in sunlight.
  • The 28 LED flashlight offers 3 modes.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Allows four different devices to be charged at the same time.
  • Water, dust, and shockproof structure.
  • Can be used as a light in an emergency at night.
  • Avoid using the phone while it is charging with this solar charger.

Final Thought

This solar charger has high capacity and advanced features that can make your traveling tension free.

6. Panergy Solar Charger 26800mAh

Solar chargers are mainly for emergency conditions like traveling to a place where electricity is rare to find. If you are determined to prevent any emergency condition while traveling then try this Panergy Solar Charger 26800mAh.

Five foldable panels are attached bearing a total of 7.5W power which can charge your devices very fast.

This power bank is suitable for most mobiles including iPhone, Samsung, Android phones, Windows phones, tablets, GoPro camera, and many more. Let’s look deep into the features now.


  • Made with ABS high-quality material for durable service.
  • Three USB output ports are provided.
  • Among 5 foldable solar panels, each solar panel bears 1.5 W power.
  • A dual flashlight with three different modes including 60 LED panel lights is available.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Provided with carrying materials for easy transportation.
  • It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof all at a time.
  • The powerful light source can help you in emergencies at night.
  • Avoid overcharging your devices with it.

Final Thought

It can be charged both with a USB cable and in sunlight so this solar charger will be a great choice for operating in any situation.

5. AddAcc Solar Charger 25000mAh

This AddAcc solar charger of 2500mAh capacity is a great addition as a power bank. If you are looking for a high capacity power bank with all the advanced features, this one can be a nice option for you.

5 solar panels are attached which can be folded for easy carrying out and the total power of 5 panels is 7.5W. Three USB ports are available among which one is Qi wireless charging facility.

3 powerful LED flashlights are given to use at night in an emergency condition. A micro USB cable for charging and a carabiner is provided as well.


  • ABS, PC, TPU, and leather materials are used in construction.
  • A 25000mAh powerful lithium battery is provided.
  • Among the 5 panels, four solar panels are detachable and 1 power bank is built-in.
  • Powerful flashlight including 3 LED panel lights in the back.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Once you charge it fully, you can use it for 7 days.
  • You can charge three devices at the same time very fast.
  • The USB ports are covered with rubber to prevent water, shock, and dust.
  • Though it is waterproof yet don’t use it underwater.

Final Thought

This solar charger is made with extra protection so you can use it without any tension in any emergency condition.

4. IEsafy Solar Charger 2680 mAh

Get introduced to another effective solar charger that comes with a unique design. It comes with a four foldable solar panel design with 2 fast charging and 1 recharging port. The 4 panels help to get recharged faster than other devices.

The charger is compatible with popular smartphone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. The charger also includes an ultra-wide flashlight with 3 light modes.

The product includes a power bank, a manual, a charging cable, and a compass carabineer. It is also CE/RoHS/FCC certified. So, don’t wait for more to place an order.


  • 4 foldable design for fast recharging.
  • 3 modes wide flashlight.
  • Waterford and durable.
  • Wires charging with 3 charging port.
  • 2 USB 2.1 A charging port for super-fast charging.
  • Maximum charging speed 5V/2.4A.
  • Included light for notifications.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Smart build-in protection prevents overcharging, short circuit, over-voltage, etc.
  • Lightweight power bank.
  • Before the first use, fully charge the power bank.

Final Thought

The 4-panel smart design helps it to recharge very fast. You can also easily hang it anywhere. So just hang it and wait for a few times and get a good backup.

3. Feeke Solar Power Bank 30000 mAh

Now, presenting a giant power bank with a capacity of 30000 mAh. This one is also compatible with Qi wireless charging. Maybe it is a giant bank but it is only 357 grams.

The power cell comes with a rugged design and crafted with premium ABS plastic. It exceeds IP 66 rating. The charger is compatible with shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof features.

There is also a multi-functional LED flashlight included. There are 4 outputs and 2 inputs. One input is a USB-C port and another one is a micro USB port.

You can recharge 3 devices at a time using this charger. So for heavy use, I think this is the best power bank for you.


  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Fully waterproof, dustproof, and rust proof.
  • 4 outputs and 2 inputs available.
  • Appropriate for outdoor use with a long lifespan.
  • Compatible with popular smartphone models and wireless charging.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Supreme durability
  • The LED light is multi-functional.
  • No compass included.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly this power cell is perfect for heavy use. While going for a long adventure, this 30000 mAh power bank will be a helpful friend.

2. BLAVOR Solar Bank Qi Portable Charger

Time for a wireless power bank of 10000 mAh. This power bank is compatible with all the popular smartphone models such as iPhone X, XR, XR Max, Samsung S9/S8, etc.

The solar charger comes with 2 flashlights that can be used as a torch. The charger takes only 6 hours to get fully charged.

It can recharge any battery very fast. Plus, per charge, the battery can provide long service. For example, it can recharge iPhone X 2.2 times.

This charger is highly durable as it is made of sturdy ABS material and a lithium polymer battery. There is also a compass attached with the power bank.

So, considering all the facts, this charger must be a necessary tool for you.


  • Compatible with the common phone models.
  • Dual flashlight included.
  • Compass kit for adventure.
  • Qi-certified charger.
  • Made of lithium polymer.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Best for outdoor activities.
  • Takes less time to get recharged.
  • Kelp the power bank out of extra heat.

Final Thought

This is not only a power bank. It is a good adventure tool as there is a compass and dual flashlight included.

1. BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank

Looking for an authentic 20000 mAh solar charger? This charger from BLAVOR is tested extensively for ensuring fast multiple time charging. This 18W solar charger uses QC3.0 fast charging technology.

The power cell is compatible with a 10W wireless charging system. You can charge iPhone X up to 4.5 times, MacBook pro up to 3.6 times, and Samsung Galaxy S8 up to 3.7 times. It gets fully charged around 13 hours with a 5V 2.1A adapter.

The attachment of the flashlight is another advantageous feature. The product comes with a 20000 mAh charger, 1 manual, and 1 Type-C cable.


  • Capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Fast charging with QC3.0 fast charging technology.
  • Qi wireless charging technology available.
  • Comes with user manual.
  • Allow charging at maximum 9V=2A/ 12V=1.5A/18W power charge.
  • Recharging time: 13 hours almost.

Patriot Cell Pros & Cons

  • Fast charging system.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Included flashlight.
  • Hard to get any negative issue.

Final Thought

The power bank can charge any battery very fast as it uses QC3.0 charging technical. It also takes comparatively less time to get fully charged.

Buying Guide on the Best Patriot Power Cell Reviews

Best Patriot Power Cell buying guide

Now, I will discuss some popular facts about the patriot solar charger. Must read out this part for getting the best product.


There are different types of power cells with different capacities. Some power cells comes with 10000-20000 mAh charging capacity. For medium use such power banks are appropriate.

There are some banks that come with huge capacity like 25000-30000 mAh. For the long adventure, such power banks are perfect for you.

You can check out “Feeke Solar Power Bank” for long-lasting performance. The power bank is 30000 mAh.

Recharging Time

The next thing to consider is the recharging time. Less or much every power bank takes a minimum amount of time for getting recharge. Before choosing a power bank check out how much time it takes to get fully recharged.

Make sure the time is not excessive. When you are on an adventure must choose a fast recharging power bank. Generally, a 10000 mAh power bank takes 5-7 hours. The fast recharging bank requires 3-4 hours only.

Fast Charging Option

Most of the power bank works just like your normal charger. But there are some power banks that come with ultra-fast charging port such as USB 2.1 A port. Such solar chargers can recharge your smartphone a lot faster than your chargers.

So for a long ride or adventure, choose a power bank with such ports. It will give you relief on your camping.

Multiple Outputs

If you are with friends and there is only one power bank then you must need a power cell with multiple outputs. There are some power banks with 2-4 outputs. You can charge 2-3 smartphones at a time with such a power bank.

If you can cost a little bit more then I suggest such types of power bank for you. You can choose “Feeke Solar Power Bank 30000 mAh” this power cell. It has 4 outputs.


Most of the power banks lack an important feature – Waterproof. But we generally use power banks on different adventures.

So, we may have to face rain on your journey. If your power bank is not waterproof, then there is a big chance of losing your power bank. So, must choose a waterproof power cell.


One of the most important things is to check out if the power bank goes with your smartphone or not. All of my suggested power banks are compatible with popular iPhone and Samsung models.

I think if you choose any of my suggested patriot power cells then there is no chance to go wrong.

Best Patriot Power Cell FAQ


What is the best patriot power cell?

There are different types of power cells that are perfect in different features. However, I am showing some best qualities of a power bank.

  • A quality power bank is easy to use and recharges faster than the random power banks.
  • Most of them come with 1-2 fast-charging port.
  • They are highly durable.
  • Most of them are wireless and compatible with popular smartphones.
  • Generally, we see there are attached flashlight and compass.
  • They are compatible with shockproof, waterproof, and rustproof technology.
  • All of them come with multiple inputs and outputs.

How long does a power cell take to get fully charged?

It depends on the capacity of the power bank. The 20000 mAh power bank takes 10-14 hours to get fully charged. If the capacity is lower, then it takes less time and if the capacity is higher, then it takes more time.

There are some exceptional power banks that come with fast recharging system.

Can a patriot power cell be waterproof?

Yes, there are many power banks having waterproof features. I have described some products having waterproof, shockproof, and rustproof technology.

But remember, not all the power banks are waterproof. If you want a solar charger for a big adventure then you must choose a waterproof power bank.

How much does a power bank cost?

You can get power banks at different prices. But generally, a quality power bank costs $25-60. The more you spend the longer capacity you will get.



I think you have already got the list of the best patriot power cell reviews. I described them with proper features and described them along with a buying guide and FAQs.

Reading the guide, you will be able to choose the best of the 10 products. So have another look and get the best one.

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