What is the Best Tower Shoe Rack Design? – Learn Different Design According to the Categories

Tower shoe rack is getting popular day by day. So the production is increasing along with different types of design. All these designs are making people confusing. So, nowadays people are asking “What is the best tower shoe rack design?”

First thing is, I can’t assure any single design is the best of all. The best design depends on your needs. Today, I will discuss different types of tower shoe rack designs.

Read them carefully and learn about their features and use. Before that, I want to discuss the topic what is a tower shoe rack. So, keep reading one by one.

What is a Tower Shoe Rack?

Believe it or not, organized life can save a lot of time. Whether it is dresses, furniture, or shoes everything should be kept organized. When you are thinking about keeping all your shoes in one place nicely, there is no better option over tower shoe racks.

Now, you might be thinking about what exactly a tower shoe rack is. Well, a tower shoe rack can be defined as the lengthier version of a normal shoe rack. Which means they look exactly like the typical shoe racks but quite extended in length.

The most amazing part of a tower shoe rack is that it can be assembled according to your space desire. Like you can separate a tower rack into two or three small shoe racks or you can skip one or two shelves while assembling to make space for your boots or larger shoes.

What is the Best Tower Shoe Rack Design?

What is the Best Tower Shoe Rack Design

I have made a format of different types. Learn the designs according to their formation.

1. According To the Place

The first thing is the place you will use. We use a shoe rack mainly for 3 places.

• Office/Related places
• Dormitory
• Home/Residence

Office Tower Shoe Rack Design

The tower shoe racks for offices are made of very normal design but large in size. They generally come with 10-15 tiers. You can put 25-40 pairs of shoes on such shoe racks.

They don’t pay attention to the design. The first priority of an office tower shoe rack is durability. They generally come with a waterproof feature.

As people come back from outside with dirty shoes and sometimes they carry dirty water. So, they are always water-resistant and dust-proof.

Tower Shoe Rack for Dormitory

The shoe rack for the dormitory is a bit relatable with the office shoe rack. But they are a little bit stylish. They can carry 20-40 pairs of shoes.

They are also waterproof and dust-proof. It is always necessary to keep them clean. So, they must be compatible with dust-proof features. They can be wider in size or higher in size. But most of the time we see it in a wider size.

Tower Shoe Rack for Your House

Tower Shoe racks for the house are widely seen and they come with different types of design. They generally come with royal design.

That doesn’t mean they are not durable. They are also made of high-quality material such as wood, metal, or plastic You can’t keep lots of shoes in a tower shoe rack for the house.

They come with ideal size. They can hold 10-20 pairs of shoes. They are made of a kind of design that is suitable for room, entryway, or anyplace in the home.

They come with an easy installation system and an easy cleaning system. You need to take good care of a tower shoe rack for your home.

2. Design of Home Tower Shoe Rack

The home shoe rack also comes with different types of design. Let’s see some of them.

• Entryway Rack: Entryway rack comes with a medium-size design. They consume a little but space. They are not so much appropriate for keeping other tools.

• Tower Shoe Rack for Home: This type of racks are smaller in design. They generally contain different pockets and hangers for holding belts, keys, etc.

• Outside Design: Some racks are made for keeping outside. They are not stylish but durable. Generally, they don’t contain extra pockets and they are large in size.

3. Different Design According to Structure

Here I will discuss different types of shoe racks. You should choose one according to your needs.

• The Wider Tower Show Rack: These types of shoe racks are wide enough. Most of the tower shoe racks are lengthy in height. But there are some like a wide size.

They take a big space. They are more appropriate for the dormitory. The comes with only 3-6 tiers. But he tiers are wider enough to carry a big load.

• High Tower Shoe Rack: This is the common type. They come with big height and contains 7-15 tiers. They are appropriate for home and office use.

• The Hanging Style: Some tower shoe racks come with a number of hooks for hanging the shoes. They are lengthy in height and space-saving.

I have already discussed different types of design. It is a tough task to find a good one among these designs. For getting more help you can click here to check my other article about the best tower shoe rack reviews.

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The Best Tower Shoe Rack Guide

If you have decided to buy a tower shoe rack for storing your shoes in a nicer way, try to choose the best one. Now, what does it mean by the best tower shoe rack might be the reason for your tension? But don’t worry we are here to clear all your queries.

There are some points you must keep in mind before buying a tower shoe rack. These features will help you to select the best one.

Hopefully, all your tensions will be gone after reading the whole article. So let’s see what features you should look for while buying a tower shoe rack.


Whenever we buy anything, the first thing we notice is the design of the product. In the case of a tower shoe rack, it is no exception. There are multiple varieties available in the market.

Single or double, steel made or wooden, covered or without cover, these factors are responsible for different types of designs. You need to decide your preferences. Elegant looking ones are top rated.


From the name, you can understand that tower show racks are usually much taller in size. The more the height will be the more shoes you can store in it.

Usually, they come in 40″ to 60″ height. You should always look for the longer one or choose according to the space available in your home.


Capacity means how many pairs of shoes the rack can store. There are tower racks that can carry 25 to 30 pairs and again there are ones that can carry 50 pairs of shoes.

Obviously, people will prefer the most capacious ones. But the choice can vary according to the number of shoes you need to store.


By which material the tower shoe rack is made of can tell many other features about it. There are racks made of wood that guarantee a long-lasting service but proper take care is necessary.

Some racks are made of stainless steel and they offer a very good service but you need to be careful while assembling them.

And finally, there are tower racks that are made of waterproof non-woven fabrics and can avoid extra dust to give a durable performance.


Durability somehow depends on the material used to make the tower rack and how you can take care of it. I have discussed the materials in detail already.

Almost all the material offers a long-lasting service, you just need to notice which material needs less maintenance.


Almost all the tower shoe racks come in several parts. You have to assemble them following the instruction manual. Always look for a rack whose assembling process is easy and takes less time.

Also, notice if there is the instruction given well or not, and is it easy to read and follow or not.


Well, this feature is not kept in that much consideration as most of the people prefer a shoe rack without any cover. But you will get many benefits if you buy a rack with a front cover.

The front covering prevents all the dust and dirt from entering inside and from affecting the shoes. Thus your shoes remain more protected and well organized.


Now you are well-known with different types of tower rack designs. Truly, the design shouldn’t be your first priority. You need to select one with an attractive design and durable construction.

So, besides checking the design also ensure their sturdiness. I have mentioned which design is appropriate for which location. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from the article. And don’t forget to check the best tower shoe racks.

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